Cowboy Football Reaches Midway Point Of Spring Training

April 1, 2000


Wyoming's football team reached themid point of spring training Saturday with its seventh practice, and HeadCoach Vic Koenning said he was pleased with his team's progress.

The Cowboys' practice Saturday was another "50-50" day with a40-play scrimmage coming at the end of a regular practice session. Thesituation scrimmage included 10 series split between the first offense anddefense and the second offense and defense. The units started drives attheir own three, at their own 20, and the 50, at the opponent 25 and insidethe 10.

"I think we had a better day today than we did during our '50-50' onWednesday," Koenning said following the scrimmage, "and I think it was muchbetter than last Saturday. We showed a lot more concentration today. Ididn't think we made as many mistakes."

Koenning was pleased with the hitting that he saw Saturday. "Ithought there were at least a dozen good hits out there," he said. "I thinkthe personality of this team is beginning to emerge and it looks like it'sgoing to be a head-hunting outfit. I thought the offense did things withmore polish today, but overall the day probably belonged to the defense. Ithought with its will and spirit the defense had the upper hand. I was verypleased with the leadership we received from Patrick Chukwurah. I alsothought the secondary played pretty well. At this point they are doing muchbetter than we expected."

Out of that secondary transfer Lamar James had an excellent day withfour tackles and a 21-yard pass interception.

Offensively starting quarterback Jay Stoner completed seven out of11 passes for 63 yards and two touchdowns. He also threw the interception.Matt Swanson was two for three for 56 yards and Brandon Neill was one offive for five yards.

The top receiver was redshirt freshman Ryan McGuffey who caught fivepasses for 41 yards and a touchdown. Sophomore Brock Ralph had two catchesfor 22 yards. The catch of the day belonged to redshirt freshman MalcomFloyd who made an over-the-shoulder grab down the east sideline.

"I was curious as to who would bring the toughness today for theoffense," Koenning said. "It turned out to be the two pups, McGuffey andFloyd. McGuffey is a battler. He was the guy who said give me the ball."

On the ground freshman Derek Armah had a very good day with eightcarries for 42 yards and two touchdowns of one yard and 19 yards. NateScott carried five times for 11 yards. "Armah has a motor about him,"Koening said. "I like his mental toughness and fire. He is improving everyday."

Running back Cliff Brye missed the scrimmage because he has beensuspended for a week. According to Koenning he was suspended because he hasnot met his academic expectations. Depending on how things go, he willreturn to practice on Wednesday. In addition to Brye a couple of Cowboysmissed the scrimmage because of injury. Linebacker Tim Glynn has suffered a"stinger" in his neck. "Bandit" Louis Horton is out of action with a back injury and may miss the remainder ofspring training. Another "bandit", redshirt freshman Joe Anderson alsomissed Saturday's work because his father was in the hospital.

"We have been pretty fundamental to this point," Koenning said. "Wereally haven't been working with everything. We'll start doing a lot morestarting next week."

How have the Cowboys fared has they reach spring's mid-point? "Ithink we've done well," Koenning said. "Our goal was to continue to moveforward, and not take any steps back. I think we have accomplished thatthus far. Now we haven't taken any giant steps, but that wasn't our goal.If we can continue to improve we are going to be a fine football team."

There were a couple of position changes this week for the Cowboys.Redshirt Casey Adams has been moved from tight end to defensive end, andsophomore Brandon Jones was moved from defensive tackle to tight end.

Koenning said he may "back off a little bit" during Monday'spractice, then come back Wednesday with another "50'50" day. Saturday willbe the first major scrimmage of the training period. That practice will beclosed.

University of Wyoming FootballScrimmage, April 1, 2000

Rushing Att. Gain Loss Net TD#28 Derek Armah, rb 8 42 1 41 2 (19 yards & 1 yard)#34 Nate Scott, rb 5 12 1 11 0#11 Jay Stoner, qb 2 0 13 -13 0 15 54 15 39 2

Passing Att-Comp. Comp.% Yards Int/TD#11 Jay Stoner, qb 11-7 .636 63 1/2#15 Matt Swanson, qb 3-2 .667 56 0/0#13 Brandon Neill, qb 5-1 .200 5 0/0#14 Casey Bramlet, qb 1-0 .000 0 0/0 20-10 .500 124 1/2

Receiving Rec. Yards TDs#85 Ryan McGuffey 5 41 1#80 Brock Ralph 2 22 1#88 Malcom Floyd 1 47 0#31 Marcus Ford 1 8 0#20 Dustin Ralph 1 6 0 10 124 2

Defense Tackles QB Sacks Int. Fum. Rec.# 1 Sidney Lewis 1# 7 Jacque Finn 1# 9 Lamar James 4 1 for 21 yards#33 Ryan Calahan 2#35 Da'mon Frier 1#40 Kwabena Peprah 2#50 Leo Caires 1#52 John Wilson 2#54 Herman White 2 1#86 Casey Adams 1#90 Justin Scott 1#95 Jon Aimone 2 1 for -8 yards#97 Chad Beuhler 1 1 for -5 yards