Cowboys Schedule Major Scrimmage Wednesday

April 4, 2000


Head Coach Vic Koenning will conducthis Wyoming team's first "game-like" scrimmage of spring training Wednesdayin War Memorial Stadium.

According to the head coach the scrimmage will pit first unitagainst first unit and second unit against second unit. It will includesome 80 plays, and is closed to the public. Koenning said the scrimmagewould simulate "game" day. The Cowboys will go through regular pre-gamepreparations, then scrimmage under game conditions.

The Cowboys, who went through a "light hitting" workout on Monday,will follow up Wednesday's scrum with another major one on Saturday. "Thesetwo scrimmages should tell us a lot more about some areas that are ofconcern, namely the secondary and the offensive line," Koenning said. "Weare anxious to see just how much some of our younger players are improving.I really want to see the offensive line become more dominate."

Monday's practice focused primarily on individual fundamental time,Koenning said. "We also put in our two-minute offense and worked with thenickel package on defense. We spent time on the kicking game too."

Koenning said that he would make a decision on running back CliffBrye prior to Wednesday's practice. Brye has been suspended for the pastweek because he was not meeting the program's academic expectations.

The head coach said that captains for the 2000 season would beselected next week. "We will vote next week so that everyone knows who thecaptains this summer. I think it's important that the team knows as soon aspossible," he said.

Wednesday's practice will be the Cowboys' ninth of the springtraining period. They will practice Friday and Saturday this week, thenMonday, Wednesday and Friday of next week before closing out the camp withthe Spring Game on Saturday, April 15. That "game" will start at 1:30 p.m.