Cowboys Work Outside in Pads

April 4, 2003


Football practice looked like football practice for Wyoming as the Cowboys completed their third session of spring training.

After two days in "rags" (shorts and t-shirts), in War Memorial Fieldhouse, the Cowboys put on the pads Friday, and got an opportunity to show their new coaches what they could do outside. "Going inside was good for us because we were in shorts and t-shirts, and we could focus on learning," Head Coach Joe Glenn said Friday. "It was just right. But it's football when we're in pads.

"We take the approach that we are not playing Wyoming out here," Glenn said. "We call it 'thud' football. Play football, but without taking the guys to the ground. We have collisions, but stay away from the legs, and don't take them down.

"We have to remember that our goals are to learn the system and get through the spring with the least amount of injuries," Glenn continued. "It was great to get outdoors. In rags, the Fieldhouse is fine. We certainly got done what we need to do. When you're playing in pads, it's football. Now it's football."

The Cowboys worked on many fundamentals during their Friday drills such as stance, start, keys and reads. "We worked on blocking different fronts, getting off of blocks, and playing football," Glenn said.

"As a team, we are swimming a little bit right now," Glenn said. "They are trying hard to pick up everything, and they are gaining on it. It's not instinctive yet. Until we can all get a good feel for what we are doing, it's kind of like, by the numbers."

Glenn said that although it is still early in spring training, he and his coaching staff are getting a feel, an idea, about their players. "We're beginning to get a pretty good idea," the head coach said. "We go through the depth chart constantly in our staff meetings, "adding a player here or subtracting a player there. I think our coaches have a pretty good early feel or our players."

The head coach had announced that two Cowboy veterans would move from the secondary to weakside linebacker. Those experimentations are in the works. Both Guy Tuell (Yuma, Colo.) and Tom Vincent (Riverton, WY), will work at weakside linebacker. Tuell has missed a couple of practices due to a large cut on his football. When he is back on the field the coaching staff wants to take a good, hardlook at him. The staff also is looking at another converted safety, Tom Vincent (Riverton), that "will" backer spot. Glenn made it clear that the weak side is a focus point for the spring.

Glenn also indicated he was pleased, at least in the early going, with the running backs. "I feel good about what I've seen," he said. "Derek (Armah, Lawnside, N.J.) has been a real leader for us. He appears ready to take his game to its highest level. I'm really excited about his future. We also like what we've seen of C.R. Davis (Phoenix, Ariz.) and Ivan Harrison (Kansas City, Kans.). Kit (Bradshaw, Evergreen, Colo.) has been injured. He needs to get healthy and get it going. Right now he's not where he needs to be."

Glenn said that if the weather holds the Cowboys will practice outdoors Saturday as well. It will be a regular workout starting at 1 p.m. The head coach said the two scrimmage days are set for April 12, and April 26.