Cowboys' First Major Scrimmage Set for Saturday

April 6, 2001


Vic Koenning will have theopportunity to see how his Wyoming football team reacts under scrimmageconditions on Saturday, when the Cowboys stage their first major scum ofspring training in War Memorial Stadium.

Saturday's practice will be a two-part workout. During the firsthour the Cowboys will focus on fundamentals. If the weather holds, theywill spend the second hour scrimmaging in the Stadium. It will consist ofsomewhere between 30 and 40 plays. According to the head coach thescrimmage will concentrate on moving the ball over the field. He alsoindicated that the workout will pit the number one offense against thenumber one defense and the number two offense against the number twodefense.

"We want to see how we react when the bullets start flying in ascrimmage situation," Koenning said. "It's always interesting to see justhow some guys react. We also want to get everyone on tape in a livesituation like that for teaching purposes."

While the majority of Friday's full-pad practice involvedfundamentals, the Cowboys did scrimmage on Friday, a period that dealt withthird-and-long-situations. "We're still making mistakes, but we are cuttingdown on them," Koenning said. "We are getting better at what we are doing.We need to continue to add polish."

Koenning continued to be extremely pleased with the attitude andprogress of his team.

"Wednesday was as good a practice as we have had on both sides of the ballin a long time. It wasn't perfect, but it was enthusiastic, and intense. Iwas so impressed the way they bounced around. Having practiced threestraight days, and with just one day off, we might have expected a mid-weeklull. That was not the case. It was like a game-week practice.

"I think the personality of this team is really special. We need tokeep it growing."