Early Friday Scrimmage to End Cowboy Practice Week

April 10, 2001


A shortened work-week for Wyoming'sfootball team will conclude Friday with a full scrimmage, the second majorscrum of spring training, Head Coach Vic Koenning said Tuesday, during theteam's regular day off.

The Cowboys will go through a light workout on Wednesday,concentrating on short-yardage situations, then scrimmage on Friday. Thatpractice is scheduled for 9 a.m., in War Memorial Stadium. Koenningscheduled the practice early so that players may go home for the EasterBreak which runs Friday through Sunday.

"We will cover as many of our situations as we can while moving theball over the field," Koenning said. "If we are not setting up a situationthe way we want, then we will stop, and set the ball so that we can overover it."

Koenning said he was very pleased with Monday's practice followingthe first major scrimmage last Saturday. "I thought we improved a greatdeal from the scrimmage to Monday," he said. "While the effort, enthusiasmand hitting was very impressive on Saturday, it was evident that there wasa lot of polishing that needed to be done. That polish was neededespecially offensively.

"The offensive line did some good things Saturday, but was muchbetter on Monday. Since we are shorthanded there, guys are receiving a lotof repeititons, and benefitting. Right now we have just nine totallinemen--we need 15 scholarship linemen, and 20 to 22 on the field to be atfull strength. We certainly expect to have a lot of those guys back by thetime fall drills begin."

Koenning was pleased with several areas following that majorscrimmage. "Our running backs ran well Saturday. At least four were veryeffective. Our receivers improved dramatically. I thought there were somevery good things in the offensive line. Our pass protection was better, forinstance. Defensively it looks like we are more solid in every positionthan we were a year ago."

Koenning indicated that as of Tuesday a total of 15 offensiveplayers were sidelined with injuries, and another four defensive playerswere not practicing. Some of the more notable injuries included offensivetackle David Gough (sprained ankle), bandit Anthony Jones, Jr. (hamstring),linebacker Herman White (inner ear infection), receiver Brock Ralph(strained abdomen), and fullback Marcus Ford (slightly seperated shoulder).

"With the injuries, and the guys we are holding out of springtraining, we are still further ahead than we were a year ago," Koenningsaid.