Cowboys Break a Number of Weightlifting Records in Winter Conditioning

April 11, 2003


The Wyoming Cowboy Football team had an outstanding winter-conditioning program this past winter, culminated by several individuals breaking Cowboy weightroom records.

Leading the way for the Cowboys were senior running back Derek Armah and senior quarterback Casey Bramlet. Armah and Bramlet both achieved Super Iron Cowboy status. The Super Iron Cowboy classification, developed by UW head strength and conditioning coach Scott Bennett and his staff, is the highest level a Cowboy lifter can achieve. To achieve Super Iron Cowboy, a target weight much be reached in each of four lifts. Each position on the football team has different target weights they much reach in the four lifts to achieve Super Iron Cowboy status.

The four lifts are the squat, bench press, power clean and push press. The squat and bench press are commonly known lifts. The power clean is lifting a weight from the floor to one's chest and being able to stand erect with the weight. The push press is taking a weight in a standing position from a weight rack at shoulder level and pushing the weight directly above one's head until your arms are fully extended.

To achieve Super Iron Cowboy status Armah and his fellow running backs have to squat 475 pounds, bench press 340, power clean 275 and push press 305. Armah squatted 505 pounds, bench pressed 380, power cleaned 280 and push pressed 315 for a four-lift total of 1,480 pounds.

The Super Iron Cowboy target numbers for the quarterback position are: 450 for the squat, 320 for the bench press, 265 for the power clean and 275 for the push press. Bramlet squatted 460 pounds, bench pressed 345, power cleaned 295 and push pressed 290 for a total of 1,390 pounds.

In addition to Armah's and Bramlet's accomplishments, 13 individual weightroom records were broken. Those records are listed below.

"Our winter conditioning was as focused as it's ever been," said Bennett. "The kids attitudes were as good as they've ever been, and now that we have a number of guys who are maturing and who have been in our program for several years, we are starting to see the results of their maturity and hard work."

Wyoming weightroom records are kept for each position on the football team. The new records that were set or tied during this past winter-conditioning program are as follows.

Defensive Line

Zach Morris, Push Press, 350 pounds (Previous record: Jon Mathis, 345 in 1999)

SAM (Strongside Linebacker)

J. C. Trautwein, Power Index, 7.32 (Previous record: Josh Amundson, 6.76 in 1999)

(The Power Index is calculated by taking the total of four lifts divided bybodyweight. In other words, the strongest man pound for pound.)


Luke Donovan, Power Clean, 310 pounds (Previous record: Luke Donovan, 290 in 2002)Luke Donovan, Push Press, 270 pounds (Previous record: J.D. Wallum, 265 in 2002)


Casey Bramlet, Squat, 460 pounds (Previous record: Jeremy Silcox, 455 in 1997)Casey Bramlet, Bench Press, 345 pounds (Previous record: Jay Stoner, 340 in 1999)Casey Bramlet, Power Clean, 295 pounds (Previous record: Matt Swanson, 290 in 1999)Casey Bramlet, Push Press, 290 pounds (Previous record: Matt Swanson, 285 in 1999)Corey Bramlet, Vertical Jump, 36.5 inches (Previous record: Matt Swanson, 34 inchesin 1999)

Running Backs

Derek Armah, Push Press, 315 pounds (Previous record: Derek Armah, 300 in 2002)Kevin Fulton, Power Clean, 300 pounds (Previous record: Kevin Fulton, 295 in 2002)

Tight Ends

Aaron Robbins, Power Clean, 345 pounds (Previous record: Marshall Schaap, 330 in 2002)

Wide Receivers

Malcom Floyd, Vertical Jump, 39.5 inches (Previous record: Wendell Montgomery,39.5 inches in '99)