Wyoming Plans Around Weather for Friday's Spring Practice

April 12, 2001


One thing is certain about springtraining at Wyoming, the uncertainty of the weather requires the Cowboys toalways have two plans.

Vic Koenning and his staff have two plans for Friday's practice asWyoming closes out its second week of spring training. If the weatherallows, the Cowboys will scrimmage at 9 a.m. If the weather does notallow--and the forecast is not very positive--the Cowboys will go inside WarMemorial Fieldhouse, go through a regular practice, then scrimmage onMonday.

"We're going to play it by ear," Koenning said during Thursday's offday. "We would really like to scrimmage on Friday, but if the weather isn'tgood, we'll shift gears and practice in the Fieldhouse. We will then movethe scrimmage to Monday."

If the Cowboys do scrimmage on Friday, it will involve more"over-the-field" work with an emphasis on certain situation. Koenning ishoping those situations come up within the context of the over-the-fielddrill.

Obviously, each scrimmage is essential in evaluating positions.Will any jobs be won during this week's scrimmage? "We have some battlesgoing on that's for sure," Koenning said. "There are several positions thatare very competitive. . .running back, tight end, offensive guard, defensiveend and both defensive tackles. I don't know if this scrimmage will sortthat out, probably not. But the competition is very healthy."

Koenning is giving the Cowboys both Saturday and Sunday off for theEaster weekend.