Defense Dominates Cowboys' Second Scrimmage

April 13, 2001


Wyoming's second major scrimmage ofspring training was typical, Head Coach Vic Koenning said following Fridaymorning's chilly hour-and-a-half workout at the south practice field.

While the offense produced an excellent first scrum a week ago, itwas the defense's turn Friday, as it dominated the 65-play outing. "It wasa typical spring scrimmage in that one side dominated the other," Koenningsaid, "and today the defense shined. It was electric today. Those guystook it to the offense from the start of the scrimmage, and establishedtheir own tempo. They took away the tempo the offense had during the firstweek.

"The offense did have some good plays, but for the most part thedefense won the day," Koenning said. "The way these things go, when oneside wins one week usually the other side comes out fired up the next week.With this pattern, next week's 'spring-game' scrimmage should be the rubbermatch."

Offensively Wyoming managed to produce a pair of field goals bysophomore kicker Jarvis Wallum, one of 52 yards and the other of 51yards--and a 55-yard touchdown connection between sophomore quarterbackCasey Bramlet and redshirt freshman wide receiver Sean Bowman. Wallum alsomissed a pair of 21-yard field goals. But turnovers (two fumbles and twointerceptions) and sacks (3) were far too plentiful for the head coach.

"We just can't turn the ball over like we did today," Koenning said."The missed field goals in close and the turnovers cost teams games duringthe season. We must correct those things if we are to be a good footballteam. I did think Jarvis did an excellent job from long range."

The 55-yard touchdown was the highlight of the day for the offense.It was a beautiful throw and catch by Bramlet and Bowman, and capped a90-yard drive.

"The defense made a lot of big plays today," Koenning said. "Thoseguys made the offense get off to a tough start, and that's the way thescrimmage went for the most part. There seemed to be a lot ofthree-and-outs for the offensive unit.

"As usual I loved the enthusiasm out there. Each and every one ofour practices have been as enthusiastic as today's scrimmage," Koenningsaid.

"I told everyone on the defense that were going to be enthusiasticand get after them today," said senior safety Al Rich. "We played well, andeveryone was flying to the ball. Today was our day, and not the offenses.But they are getting better every day."

Koenning indicated he was very pleased with some of the youngerCowboy players, guys like Bowman, sophomore wide receiver Leonard Jones,redshirt freshman running back Kit Bradshaw, and freshman cornerback GaryWright. Jones finished the day with six catches for 71 yards while Bowmancaught five balls for 90 yards and the touchdown. Bradshaw carried seventimes for 34 yards. Wright had a special day from his cornerback positionwith two interceptions, one a 32-yard touchdown return.

"I was really just playing my area," the freshman from CopperasCove, Texas, said following the scrimmage. "When we have all 11 guys doingtheir jobs, those things happen. Everyone has been great with me, helpingme since I am a freshman. I really appreciate that."

On the day, Bramlet was 8 of 13 for 122 yards, the touchdown and thetwo interceptions. Redshirt freshman J.J. Raterink completed 9 of 13 for 96yards. The Cowboys were not near as effective on the ground as they were aweek ago. In addition to Bradshaw, senior Nate Scott carried three timesfor 20 yards. Freshman Kevin Fulton carried eight times for 17 yards andsophomore Derek Armah had six for 17.

Wright wasn't the only defender to excell in Friday's scrimmage.Sophomore tackle Casey Adams produced six total tackles for the day, whilesophomore linebacker Tyler Gottschalk and senior backer Matt Klotz each hadfive total tackles. Junior linebacker John Wilson had four total stops anda sack. Sophomore corner Ryan Callahan and senior safety Lamar James eachhad three total tackles.

Asked to evaluate his team to this point of spring training,Koenning gave the nod to the defensive side. "At this stage the defense isahead, but that is to be expected. There are 11 seniors on the side of theball, and there are 15 players offensively who are sitting out with injury.I will say the offense is getting better every day. I think the receiversand tight ends are getting better and better. I am seeing markedimprovement from our tight ends, especially with their blocking assignments.A lot of our guys who were first-year guys last season, and progressing andmaking some movement. The play of some of our young guys today is anillustration of that."

The Cowboys were able to come away from Friday's scrimmage with onlyone injury worth noting. Senior defensive tackle Daniel Gibson twisted hisright knee early and missed the remainder of practice. The injury was notthought to be serious, but he will be re-evaluated during the first part ofthe week to see how the knee has responded to treatment.

Koenning said his team would have a good fundamental practice onMonday, with the possibility of a team period focusing on moving the ball inthe red zone. He said he wanted to work on two-minute drills duringWednesday's workout, and that Friday's practice would be light. The Cowboyswill scrimmage under "game-like" conditions next Saturday (April 21) in WarMemorial Stadium.

Rushing Statitstics NetNo. Player Attempts Yards Long TDs32 Kit Bradshaw II 7 34 12 034 Nate Scott 3 20 16 038 Kevin Fulton 8 17 17 028 Derek Armah 6 17 6 0 9 Brain Ellis 1 -2 -2 011 J.J. Raterink 4 -7 8 014 Casey Bramlet 2 -15 -6 0 Totals 31 64 17 0

Passing StatisticsNo. Player Att.-Comp. Yards Long TDs Int.14 Casey Bramlet 13-8 122 55 1 211 J.J. Raterink 13-9 96 22 0 0 9 Brian Ellis 2-2 15 9 0 0 Totals 28-19 233 55 1 2

Receiving StatisticsNo. Player Receptions Yards Long TDs18 Leonard Jones 6 71 22 081 Sean Bowman 5 90 55 121 Terrance Reese 2 13 9 034 Nate Scott 1 17 17 0 2 Matt Mondragon 1 13 13 085 Ryan McGuffey 1 12 12 045 Antwan Floyd 1 8 8 0 5 Jason Fender 1 6 6 088 Malcom Floyd 1 3 3 0 Totals 19 233 55 1

Defensive Statistics Solo Assisted TotalNo. Player Tackles Tackles Tackles 3 Al Rich 1 0 1 4 Pete Merrill 0 1 1 7 Jacque Finn 1 1 2 9 Lamar James 1 2 312 Tim Glynn 1 1 2 (1.5 sacks for -15 yards)19 DaShawn Abram 1 1 222 Jason Jones 1 1 225 David Martin 0 1 130 Gary Wright 2 0 2 (2 interceptions for 32 yards and 1 TD)37 Andy Ray 1 0 139 Ryan Calahan 2 1 342 Matt Klotz 2 3 543 Chad Whitely 1 0 147 Tyler Gottschalk 1 4 5 1 CF52 John Wilson 1 3 4 (1.0 sack for -5 yards) 1FR53 Damon Roark 0 1 158 Tam Pruitt 1 0 1 1FR69 Allen Gotfredson 1 0 190 Casey Adams 3 3 6 1CF94 Daniel Gibson III 0 1 195 Jon Aimone 1PBU98 Garry Gotfredson 0 1 199 Josh Rollins (0.5 sacks for -9 yards)