It's Time to Hit as Cowboys Scrimmage for First Time This Spring

April 16, 2004


Joe Glenn will see how his Wyoming football team does "on the high wire" Saturday when the Cowboys scrimmage for the first time this spring.

The session will begin at 1 p.m., at the practice fields east of the UW Tennis Complex, and is open to the public. It is only one of two game-type scrimmages the Cowboys are conducting this spring. It will consist of 80 plays, and involve situations, pitting the first units against the second teams. The first half hour will involve stretching and drills, and the actual scrimmage will begin about 1:30 p.m.

The Cowboys will work on situations such as moving the ball from the 50 to the end zone, and from the 35 to the end zone. There also will be "red zone" and "goal line" segments of the scrimmage.

"We've been working on a two-by-four on the ground thus far during spring training, now we'll see how we do on the high wire," Glenn said with a grin before Friday's practice. "We'll see who can make plays, and who understands the schemes. It'll be football. It's showtime."

Glenn indicated that several Cowboys will be held out of the scrimmage due to injury. The group includes defensive end Mike Groover (ankle), offensive guard Drew Severn (shoulder), wide receiver Jason Amos (shoulder), and offensive guard Isaac Morales (head contusion). One other Cowboy, veteran center Trenton Franz, also will miss the practice while taking a special engineering exam requiring eight hours.

"As everyone knows, I'm not real fond of our guys colliding with each other during spring training," Glenn said. "The risk of injury increases for sure. But we have to play football, and see how well we play at ramming speed. We want to turn them loose. See if guys can hang on to the ball, make a catch while being hit, and make a tackle."

According to the head coach, junior quarterback Corey Bramlet will receive the lion's share of the work Saturday. "The other four quarterbacks will receive equal reps as we continue to evaluate who will be Cory's backup," Glenn said.

There definitely will be jobs won or lost during the last two weeks of the training session, Glenn said. He did not go into detail as to which jobs were in question, but said there was outstanding competition throughout the squad. A couple of changes have been made in the Pokes' defensive front. Senior veteran Zach Morris has been moved from noseguard to tackle, and backup tackle Dusty Hoffschneider, a redshirt junior, is starting at the nose. Junior John Flora is now starting at defensive end, rather than at "Buck" end, and junior Aaron Robbins, who moved from tight end at the beginning of spring, is the starter at the "Buck".

The Cowboys will practice three days next week prior to the spring finale which is set for Saturday, April 24, at 1 p.m. There's a possibility the finale also will be conducted at the practice complex. The game will not be in War Memorial Stadium, due to the construction of the upper west stands.