Cowboys Look Forward to Scrimmage Saturday

April 17, 2001


One more heavy practice facesWyoming's football team this week prior to Saturday's "game-like" scrimmagein War Memorial Stadium.

If weather is inclement, the scrimmage will be conducted on thepractice field just south of War Memorial Fieldhouse.

Saturday's scrimmage is set for 1 p.m., in as close to gameconditions as possible without dividing the squad into teams, according toHead Coach Vic Koenning. Due to a numbers problem--especially in theoffensive line--he indicated that Saturday's practice would pit offenseagainst defense.

Wednesday the Cowboys will concentrate on two-minute situations,Koenning said. While those situations will not be conducted under gameconditions, they will be "exhausting", according to the head coach. "Wewill spend a great deal of time on our two-minute situations," Koenningsaid. "We will make it part of our team period rather than under scrimmageconditions. We're going to go for awhile so it will be taxing."

Koenning said that Friday's workout would be a light one inanticipation of Saturday's scrum. "We will probably go through somesituations on Friday, but for the most part we will work on polish. We willnot go very long."

The coaching staff has devised a scoring system for Saturday'sworkout. While the offense may score in the conventional ways, the defensewill be able to score points by several different means. If the defenseholds the offense to three-downs-and-a-punt on the initial possession, itwill be awarded three points. A turnover merits five points. If theoffense is stopped after a sudden change inside its 40 yard line, thedefense will receive six points. If the defense forces a field goal after asudden change inside the 40, it will score four. A drive stopped short ofthe 50 garners one point. Confusing? The scoreboard operator will have tobe at the top of his game. Obviously the defense may score the conventionalsix if it picks off a pass for a touchdown, falls on a fumble in the endzone or produces a safety.

There will be no kick-offs during the scrimmage. The ball will beset on the 25 to start the game, or a drive after a score. There will bepunting, and the drive will start where the punt is caught.

"We are going to attempt to run 50 plays for each of the first andsecond teams," Koenning said. "That will be tough on some of the guys whoare running on both teams. But we will give them some breathers.

"We are looking forward to the scrimmage as an opportunity to getbetter," Koenning continued. These guys have maintained the enthusiasm andthe great attitude throughout spring training. We expect Saturday'spractice to be as spirited as any we have had."