Cowboys to Close out Spring Training with Final Scrimmage Saturday

April 19, 2002


Due to the possibility of poor weather conditions, and the fact several players are nursing injuries, Wyoming's final spring scrimmage of the training period Saturday in War Memorial Stadium probably will be cut in half from the original plan, according to Head Coach Vic Koenning.

While the Cowboys would usually run through a scripit of 100 plays, Koenning said it would be cut down to 50. "We have accomplished what we set out to accomplish. Injuries have been such a large issue here over the last couple of years, we decided to cut this thing down a lot. We are going to cut down the reps of several of our players. We just don't want to risk any more injuries. We want to work with guys who are going to help our depth situation."

Players who are being held out of the scrimmage include linebacker Tyler Gottschalk (broken wrist), offensive guard Isaac Morales (shoulder), offensive tackle Dan Fisher (knee) and offensive tackle David Gough (ankle). Koenning said he expected linebackers John Wilson, Andy Deselms and Shane Powell will be available for the practice.

The shortened scrimmage will feature a scoring system enabling the defense to put points on the board as well as the offense. The offense can score in the conventional ways, touchdowns, extra points and field goals, but also may receive a point for stringing together three consecutive first downs.

The defense can score in the following ways: three points for three-downs-and-out on the offense's first possession, five points for causing a turnover, six points for a stop after a sudden change (turnover) inside the 40 yard line, six points for scoring a touchdown, four points for forcing a field goal after a sudden change inside the 40, and one point for stopping a drive on the short side of the 50.

Koenning said that he would also announce the captains for the 2002 season, as voted by their teammates, at the scrimmage as well as award the Most Improved Player offensively and defensively, and the Lifter of the Year. He said there will be two offensive captains, two defensive captains and a special teams captain.

"We've had an excellent spring," Koenning said. "We have gotten a great deal done because the players have worked very hard. I think we've made a great deal of progress. Because so many individuals were held out of spring training, a lot of younger players received more reps than they would have. That also was a very good thing.

"I think our secondary and tight ends made marked improvement. I also thought Casey (Bramlet) had an outstanding spring."