Cowboys Prepare for Final Scrimmage of Spring Training

April 24, 2003


Having reached most of their springtime goals, Wyoming's football team faces one more major scrimmage Saturday at Casper, before Head Coach Joe Glenn's first Cowboy spring training comes to a close.

The Cowboys will scrimmage between 60 and 80 plays at Cheney Stadium, Saturday beginning at 1 p.m.

"It's a situational thing again," The head coach said Thursday during the Pokes' off day. They will practice one more time on Friday prior to leaving for Casper on Saturday morning.

"It will be very similar to our first scrimmage of the spring," he continued. "We'll tackle, but we're not going to hit the quarterback, although we grab him a little harder this week.," he said with a smile.

"If people haven't figured out my 'm.o.' by now, it's to learn our offense, our defense, and our special teams. We are not sceheming to beat Wyoming. We're going through funamentals, teaching our schemes. We're about there. The kids should have everything in the computer. When we come back in the fall we should be that much better."

Much like their first scrimmage two weeks ago, the Cowboys will work on several different situations. "We will work on coming out from our goal line, going in from the red zone, or 'tough territory', as well as over the field," Glenn said. As with the first scrimmage, the head man said the number one offense will face the number one defense, and the two's will scrimmage against the two's.

Following the scrimmage, the coaching staff will meet fans at the Sidelines Bar and Grill in Casper. That event will begin approximately 45 minutes after the scrimmage.

Glenn said there would be several Cowboys held out of Saturday's scrimmage. Cornerback Leonard Jones (shoulder), running back Kit Bradshaw (quad strain), cornerback Chris Dixon (hamstring strain), defensive end John Flora (concussion) and safety Austin Hall (shoulder) will not play in the game. Some additional Cowboys, who have been missing various practices because of injury, might be available for the scrimmage including linebacker Tom Vincent (toe sprain); receiver Ryan McGuffey (quad, knee); linebacker Matt Chase (broken finger) and safety Jacque Finn (foot).

"We have had no surgeries, and that is always a goal of mine. Spring football is not the time to beat up on the Wyoming Cowboys, it's a time to learn what we are doing. The most important thing for all of us is to stay healthy. If we get through the scrimmage with no injuries, I'll feel that spring football was a huge success."

What kind of spring have the Cowboys had? It's been a good one, according to Glenn. "I think the kids have really worked hard mentally and physically to do what we want them to do. We have identified a starting lineup, but we have to develop depth in several areas olf concern.

"Offensively, I think we made great strides. The young tackles--redshirt Chase Johnson and sophomore Dan Fisher--were pleasant surprises. We needed them to come through, and they did. We have been really pleased with them. I think the offensive line is coming along in very good shape. I think we can put four receivers on the field as good as any four anyone could put on the field at one time. They are a pretty impressive lot.

"Derek Armah had a good spring. He is a real key to protecting our defense. If we can control the ball a little bit more with our pass game, and our running attack. We can't have those 59-second drives. There is no question Casey Bramlet can lead this team to victory. I believe in that.

"Our kicking game came along very well. Our punter--Luke Donovan--is a very competitive guy. Pound for pound, he is as tough as anyone. He's a bulldog. The placekickers made great strides. Those guys are neck-and-neck."

Defensively, Glenn said he feels very good about the improvement of the front seven. He said there are some concerns in the secondary. "We are still looking there, but we have some solid guys there like Nate Young, Jay McNeal, Chris Dixon and Leonard Jones. Rod Jackson and Stephon King both did some good things as well."