Wyoming Football Program One of 30 Programs Honored for Graduation Rates

June 29, 2001


The American Football CoachesAssociation (AFCA) has announced that 30 NCAA Division I football programswill be honored at the 2002 AFCA convention for graduating 70 percent ormore of their student-athletes. The University of Wyoming was one of theonly thirty programs which graduated over 70 percent of their freshman classfrom the 1995-96 academic year.

Wyoming was the only Mountain West Conference member institutionthat achieved a 70 percent graduation rate. UW's exact graduation rate forthat class was 77 percent.

Notre Dame and Vanderbilt will share the AFCA's Academic AchievementAward , which is presented annually by the Touchdown Club of Memphis. BothNotre Dame and Vanderbilt graduated 100 percent of their 1995-96 freshmanclass.

The overall graduation rate of the 95 institutions participating inthe survey was 59 percent, as compared to 57 percent the previous year.Forty seven of the 95 institutions that responded were above the average of59 percent and 48 were below the average.

The AFCA Academic Achievement Award will be presented to Notre Dameand Vanderbilt at the AFCA Kickoff Luncheon during the Association's 2002convention in San Antonio, Texas.

The 30 schools that graduated 70 percent or more of the 1995-96freshman class were: Wyoming, Akron, Ball State, Baylor, Buffalo, Duke,Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, LSU, Marshall, Michigan, Mississippi State, Nebraska,Northwestern, Notre Dame, Oregon, Penn State, Rice, South Carolina, SMU,Syracuse, Texas Tech, Tulane, Tulsa, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Wake Forest,Washington State and Western Michigan.