Cowboy Rookies Open Camp with First Two-a-Day

Aug. 8, 2001


Vic Koenning didn't see many surprises during his first day with Wyoming's crop of rookiefootball players.

The Cowboy head coach ran his newest charges through a pair of spirited workouts on Wednesday as the newcomers openedpre-season practice. A total of 28 scholarship and walkon players participated in the two, two-hour practices.

"We are bigger than we were a year ago," the head coach said following Wednesday's opening day. "A lot of guys seem to beexactly what we were expecting. We didn't see any surprises. Our recruiting focus was to improve our size in both lines and atrunning back, and it certainly appears that we've done that. Some may be even more athletic than we thought. It's too early to tell,obviously, how they will fit into the system, but we like what we see."

Koenning said that he could invision eight to ten of his newcomers seeing playing time in their first year. "Coaches want toavoid stereotyping players, but first impressions do mean something. Even after one day we can't help but have some notions aboutthese young men.

"This is a big freshman class, and it seems an athletic one as well. I like their attitudes, they are serious about it. We're verypleased with them."

The young Cowboys will practice twice again on Thursday at 9:30 a.m., and 4:15 p.m. On Friday they will participate in MediaDay festivities with the veterans as well as in a battery of meetings. The veterans will begin Thursday morning with equipmentcheckout as well as physicals and testing. The entire squad will begin practice Saturday morning at 9:30. The second practice isscheduled for 5:30 p.m..

The Cowboys will not begin full-padded practices until Wednesday, August 15.