Cowboy's First Scrimmage of the Fall Set for Wednesday

Aug. 15, 2006


Wyoming's first dress rehearsal of fall football camp is scheduled for Wednesday evening on Jonah Field at War Memorial Stadium, and the primary goal remains the same. . .finding out who can play under game-type pressure. The practice is scheduled for 5:15 p.m.

According to Head Coach Joe Glenn the Cowboys will scrimmage approximately 60 plays. Those plays will feature a number of situations relative to down and distance and location on the field. It also will include elements of the kicking game. Wednesday's practice will be the first of two scheduled scrimmages during fall camp. The second and last scrum is set for next Wednesday (Aug. 23), also in the stadium.

"Scrimmages offer everyone a chance to perform in a game-like situation," Glenn said. "We'll have officials, and a clock so everyone will be on stage. This is a dress rehearsal. This is all about who can make plays under game-type pressure."

While Glenn's scrimmages in the past have featured first units against second units--number one's vs. number two's--Wednesday's practice will be a departure from that format.

"We are dinged enough that we don't really have a full compliment of the second and third units So we will look at offensive guys who we think will be on the field for the opener against defensive guys who we think will be playing on Saturdays. As a staff we have decided to mix it up a little bit. We are going to be sending one's against one's in a lot of situations. We'll have our best guys going against our best guys, and have them get after it for awhile. We are cutting down our play count by nearly half for this scrimmage."

The situations will be similar to previous Glenn scrimmages. Drives will start at the minus 35, the 50, and in the redzone. The coaching staff will mix in field goals and punts per each sequence.

As with any scrimmage there will be jobs on the line, according to the head coach.

"First we want to finalize things at quarterback," Glenn said. "All eyes are on that race for sure. We also want to see our receiver corps under the lights, and see how some of those guys perform. We're also very interested in getting a good look at the kicking game. These young guys have done a great job in practice, but we really need to see them in a game-like setting. We want to see them kick with a little pressure involved."

Not every part of Wyoming's offensive and defensive package will be installed for Wednesday's scrimmage. There are few more things to install but the "bread and butter" is in, according to Glenn.

Wednesday morning the Cowboys will go through a special teams practice.