Cowboys Completing First Week of Fall Camp

Aug. 17, 2001


It's been a week since theWyoming football team met with members of the media signaling theopening of Fall Camp.

With just one practice on Friday, Head Coach Vic Koenning had afew moments to talk about his team after its first week of camp. Histeam grade after a week of workouts was generally favorable, with somereservations sprinkled here and there.

"Early in the week, when we were fresh and in shorts, I thoughtwe looked exceptionally good," Koenning said. "There was a lot ofdepth, guys were flying around, and we had more guys running faster.But beginning with the pads, we received that expected dose of reality.The strains, the bumps and bruises are starting to crop up. Pads andfatigue have taken their toll.

"We have cut back a little bit in terms of alternating playersand alternating one-a-day practices with two-a-day workouts," Koenningcontinued. "That has helped. But there comes a point where you have todevelop the stamina that only two-a-days provide."

Fortunately for the Cowboys the injuries that have shelved anumber of players for varying periods of time are not serious, and willnot keep individuals out for very long. These are the type of injuriesthat should not last, but they are keeping players out, and that isaffecting our timing, especially on offense."

There is a good side to it, according to Koenning, and that isthat the freshmen and some backup players are getting, "massive amountsof repetitions". That should work to the Cowboys' advantage when theother players return. The competition should be improved. "But rightnow, I am a little concerned with our durability," Koenning said.

According to the head coach the defense and special teams areahead of where the coaching staff thought they would be at this time."They have continued to progress," Koenning said. "The offense wasahead, but it has slipped somewhat because of the injuries. We're stillokay, but we need to get some guys back on the field."

Mother Nature played some tricks on the Cowboys the past twodays as lightening, and heavy rain, forced the team to scramble forcover both Wednesday and Thursday. Because of those storms the Cowboysdeviated from their Friday plan somewhat. While there was just onepractice scheduled for Friday, the team did go into War MemorialFieldhouse without pads in the morning to go over its game plan foropening-game opponent Fruman. The session lasted about 45 minutes.

Koenning announced that the Cowboys would conduct their firstmajor scrimmage of the camp on Sunday in War Memorial Stadium. He saidthe workout would include about 100 plays. The Cowboys would move theball over the field, he said, as well as work on "red zone" and"two-minute drill". The scrimmage is set for 2:30 p.m., and is open tothe public.

"This will be a fairly major scrimmage for us because for anumber of our guys, it will be the only major scrimmage they will havebefore our opening game," Koenning said. "We will have another one onWednesday," he said.