Cowboy Football Set For Second Major Scrimmage Sunday

Aug. 18, 2000


Sunday's second major scrimmageof fall camp for the University of Wyoming will appear very much likeThursday's scrum, according to Head Coach Vic Koenning.

The Cowboys' closed scrimmage Sunday is set for 1:30 p.m. in WarMemorial Stadium. Like Thursday's, Koenning said it would feature between60 and 70 plays. "We will work in some different components, like movingaway from our goal line which we haven't done, as well as things we havebeen doing," Koenning said of Sunday's practice. "We will spend some timeon special teams Sunday, but work on the redzone during one of ourSautrday's practice."

Koenning said that the Sunday workout would probably cement the twodeep. He indicated that he is very close to a two deep right now. "We'restill looking at some depth situations, and we have some concerns in theoffensive line, at the backup running back and receiver positions. "Butwere very close to our two deep for Auburn."

After looking at tape of Thursday's scrimmage Koenning said it wasmore apparent that the team was tired. "The offense began the scrimmagerelatively sharp, but then mental mistakes started kicking in. Some ofthose were due to fatigue. That is something we must fight through. Wecounted just three "loafers" on defense all scrimmage which was very good.We like to see guys fight through that fatigue. There were a lot of tiredlegs, bodies and minds out there, but for the most part we battled throughit.

"Some guys' stock rose because of the scrimmage, and some dropped,"he continued. "I thought the receivers' catching improved. We still havework to do on making our routes more precise. We need to make more of aneffort to get the ball into Travis Short's (junior college transfer) hands.He's the kind of guy who is going to make some big plays for us. But all inall that area is improving a great deal."

Defensively Koenning singled out defensive back Meredith Maxwell,linebacker T.J. Gottschalk and defensive end Tyrice Bradley for their workThursday. Maxwell and Gottschalk produced interceptions for touchdowns.The head coach also praised defensive end Pat Hirsch for his effortThursday. "He seems to be getting by his knee surgery, and that isterrific news for him and this football team," Koenning said.