Saturday's Scrimmage an Important One for Wyoming

Aug. 15, 2003


Saturday is going to be a big day for the Wyoming Cowboys.

For the first time during their fall camp the Cowboys will scrimmage, and Head Coach Joe Glenn expects to find out a great deal about his team during the 92-play session.

The scrimmage will begin at 10:30 a.m. at War Memorial Stadium, and Wyoming fans are welcome.

"We're going to find out what kind of game shape we are in, and who can make plays," Glenn said between two-a-day practices Friday. "We want to finalize our starting lineups, and we want to get a feeling of playing on our game field. It is a very important day for us."

Glenn said he will scrimmage the first units against each other, the two's against two's and the three's vs. three's. The scrimmage will involve various situations, but will focus on "moving the chains", according to the head man. He also indicated there will be a period for special teams including punting, place-kicking, punt and kick returns.

"We're looking at playing in a game-type environment at full speed," Glenn said. "We're going to drive the ball, and see how we are at being on the field for extended periods of time. We have not tackled at full speed, on purpose, so we could stay healthy, now it's time for us to smack each other a little bit. We must get a look at this team at full speed. We have to get the feel of game day."

Saturday's scrimmage also has another significant purpose. Starting jobs at a couple of positions could be won as well as some two-deep changes may be affected, Glenn said. There has been very spirited competition in the secondary.

"The competition there is very, very close," Glenn said. "The kids have been playing at a high level there. But, as always, it's going to come down to who can make the plays. We want to try to finalize the starting lineup."

While players have missed practice time due to an assortment of injuries--nothing which has been major--Glenn said he felt confident that most would be ready for Saturday's scrum.