Tape Supports Glenn's Postive Feeling About Scrimmage

Aug. 18, 2003


Joe Glenn's movie review of Wyoming's first scrimmage of fall camp last Saturday was two thumbs up, the head coach said between two-a-day practices Monday.

The Cowboys had a spirited morning practice, despite working in rain, mixed with hail. Weather improved for the afternoon practice.

After watching the tape of Saturday's scrum, Glenn was even more encouraged than he was Saturday. "As I said after the scrimmage, we saw many good things on both sides of the ball, but especially defensively, Glenn said after reviewing the tape. "We have reason to believe we might have a pretty good defense. We had a lot of kids do a lot of good things, especially on the defensive side.

"I thought our pursuit was outstanding, we tackled well, and in general rallied well. We look like a disciplined defense out there. The number of tacklers was impressive. We had a lot of different guys (30) making unassisted tackles. We like that. There is no question we must be a better defensive team than we were last year, and Saturday's scrimmage was a big step. We played with flair, with confidence and enthusiasm. That enthusiasm was missing at the beginning of spring training, but it's starting to come.

"The kids are having fun. Games are fun, but the journey along the way also has to be fun."

Generally speaking when one side of the ball shines in a scrimmage situation, the other doesn't have as good a day. Saturday's scrimmage belonged to the defense.

"We aren't concerned about the offense in the least," Glenn said. "In fact, we are excited about them. Since we needed to get a look at everyone Saturday, the first units only received 36 snaps. In regards to offensive continuity that's not very many."

As the countdown to the Montana State opener (Aug. 30) continues, the number one units will receive more and more work.

"By design we gave everyone a chance last Saturday," Glenn said. "We needed to get a look at all of our guys. The first units only received 36 reps on each side of the ball. That doesn't give the offense much opportunity for consistency. Obviously we are not concerned about that side of the ball, in fact we are excited about it."

Glenn also was excited to see his starting running back Derek Armah return to practice for limited duty. He has been sidelined with a hamstring strain.

The tape demonstrated what Glenn felt Saturday about his secondary, especially senior free safety Jacque Finn (Casper). "Jacque came back to camp with a focus," the head coach said. "I'm very happy with the way he has responded. We need him to play well, and he has done a great job thus far."

Glenn also announced Monday that he has settled on Deric Yaussi (Fort Collins, Colo.) as the Cowboys' number one place-kicker. "The kicking battle has been competitive, but we've decided on Deric as our number one guy. He has all the things you look for in a kicker, plus he is mentally solid. He is an athletic guy who has been consistently accurate. He's also very competitive."

The Cowboys continue preparations for the season opener on Tuesday with a single practice in the morning.