Cowboys Schedule Second Major Scrimmage of Fall Camp

Aug. 20, 2002


With an eye toward more polish and fine-tunning, Head Coach Vic Koenning will scrimmage his Wyoming football team Wednesday afternoon in War Memorial Stadium, the second major scrum of fall camp.

According to Koenning, the 1:30 p.m. closed practice will not be as extensive as last Saturday's, but will include many of the same elements. "We'll have less snaps, but it will be ultra-controlled like the last one," Koenning said. "It'll be important for us to go into the stadium again, and go through a game situation. We want to do a good job of working on the fine points. We want to reduce our mental mistakes, the penalties and turnovers. In the middle of two-a-days, we expect some mental miscues because of fatigue. We want the kids to fight through that, and eliminate those mistakes on Wednesday.

"A very important part of a major scrimmage is the continuity it gives the team," Koenning said. "They get a much better feeling of being a unit in a scrimmage situation."

Although he wasn't specific, Koenning did indicate there are still several jobs to be won on his football team. "We still have some hotly contested position battles," he said. "There also are some individuals who have been sidelined who might be available for this one, and could really use this scrimmage."

Koenning has been extremely pleased with his team's practices. "We continue to produce great effort during practice," he said. "I thought this morning's (Tuesday) workout was exceptionally good. I told them afterward that this team has turned a corner. This is a more physical football team than it was a year ago. We just need to continue to make major strides. This scrimmage will help us do that."

In addition to being situational in nature, Wednesday's scrimmage also will focus on special teams. He said special teams will be a big part of the workout. "So often programs tend to put special teams on the back burner, and they are so very important. We want toget a good look at them on Wednesday."

The Cowboys will preceed Wednesday's scrimmage with a morning workout focusing on situations.

Koenning indicated there may be one more major scrimmage on Saturday, but will make that decision later in the week.