UW Announces Pre-Game Tailgating Policy Change

Aug. 20, 2004


A significant policy change for the Stadium Lot just east and north of War Memorial Stadium will greet fans for the Wyoming-Appalachian State game on Sept. 4, UW Athletics Director Gary Barta announced Friday.

A one-time open container permit for that lot has been granted by the City of Laramie for that game. "We certainly are appreciative of the opportunity," Barta said. "If our fans conduct themselves in the responsible manner we know they will, there's an excellent chance we may be able to enjoy this tailgating activity for the remainder of the season."

In previous years, city ordinances, and UW policy did not allow alcohol in any stadium lot. The City of Laramie, and UW are working together to provide safe, legal, and responsible use of alcohol as part of the tailgate experience, but a greater emphasis will be placed on enforcement of the new policy.

The permit will afford Cowboy football fans the opportunity to include beer and wine in their pre-game tailgating activity for the Sept. 4, opener in that designated lot only. Also during pre-game, as is tradition, alcohol will be available for patrons 21 years of age or older in the Pepsi's Cowboy Tailgate Park prior to game time for all six home games.

"The biggest change is that it is legal to include alcohol in tailgating activites during pre-game," Barta said. "But during halftime and following the game, UW policy and city ordinances will continue to prohibit its use."

The University of Wyoming, the City of Laramie, and the Athletics Department have been working jointly to enhance the game-day fan experience," Barta said. "I want the primary focus of our fans coming to Laramie to be to watch the game and cheer on the Pokes, but we realize the overall game-day experience is important as well. These changes are meant to encourage a family environment. I want to be able to walk my four and six-year-old children through the Stadium Lot without being concerned. Most of our fans have conducted themselves in a responsible manner. This will allow them to continue to enjoy what is a traditional part of the football game-day experience.

"We appreciate the city's partnership in providing our fans this opportunity," Barta continued. "It is important our fans do their part to help make this a positive experience. "In addition to this new opportunity, we encourage fans to take in the traditional pre-game festivities at Pepsi's Cowboy Tailgate Park."

Pepsi's Cowboy Tailgate Park has been expanded to include new vendors, more food choices and enhanced family attractions. Due to space limitations, it has been moved to a larger location, across Willett Drive, just west of the American Heritage Center.

"There are no better fans anywhere in America than Cowboy fans," Head Coach Joe Glenn said. "They do a tremendous job of supporting our team, and they have always done it in a class way. I know our fans will welcome this opportunity, and handle it in a responsible manner."

The basics of the permit allow the following:

* Tailgating will be permitted two-and-a-half hours prior to game time only. There will be no open containers permitted at halftime or following the game.

*Beer and wine will be allowed only. No kegs will be permitted.

*Open containers will be allowed in the Stadium Lot, and alcohol will be sold to patrons 21 years of age or older in Pepsi's Cowboy Tailgate Park located west of the American Heritage Center. No alcohol will be permitted in any other parking lot.

"Our fans are great," Barta concluded. "I want them to have fun, and I want them to be safe."