Fall Camp's First Dress Rehearsal Set for Saturday

Aug. 20, 2004


It's time for the Wyoming football team to get some work at "ramming speed", according to its head coach, Joe Glenn.

That time is Saturday, as the Pokes experience their first dress rehearsal of fall camp. The scrimmage is set for 10 a.m. at the North Forty practice area.

"We've got to go full speed, all out," Glenn said after his team's two-a-day session on Friday. "There's always a risk when you go full speed, Cowboys against Cowboys, that's why we don't do it every day. But we have to find out how well we tackle, and we have to make sure we can protect the ball at full speed."

Glenn said the 80-play scrimmage would be under "game" conditions. It will pit the number one offense against the number two defense, and the number two offense against the number one defense. "This will give us a chance to move the chains, work with a 25-second clock, and game officials" he said.

While he said the coaching staff is "fairly settled" on a starting lineup, there are a couple of areas where there is some outstanding competition, according to the head coach. "We have a couple of situations where there is a good fight going on for a starting spot," Glenn said. "Inside receiver has a very good battle going on. There is some keen competition there for example.

"But the scrimmage will be most important for those indivduals who are trying to get into the mix (depth chart). If a guy plays well on Saturday who hasn't been in the mix, he might very well be there on Sunday."

The team will work on several situations during the morning scrimmage. The ball will be placed on the 30 yard line, and the 50, then in the red zone. The workout will include a special teams period of extra points, field goals and kickoffs.

With the two sessions on Friday, the Cowboys completed their 12th and 13th practices of fall camp. Glenn said he has been pleased with what he has seen thus far.

"Anyone is who has been at practice can see it, hear it, and feel it," Glenn said. "We are a better football team. I think we have come a long very well. Until we have the final measuring stick (a game), we won't know for sure. But I feel very good about these guys."

Glenn said that there would probably be several Cowboys held out of the scrimmage, and some who would see only limited duty. But he did not want to speculate on exactly whom.

Following the scrimmage, Glenn will conduct a chalk talk for women. The entire football coaching staff will host a lunch and a brief clinic on the basics of the game. The event is scheduled for the Rochelle Athletic Center beginning at 12:30 p.m.