Cowboys Complete Last Major Scrimmage Of Fall Camp

Aug. 20, 2000


Wyoming Quarterback Jay Stonerdirected the number one offense to four scores Sunday as Wyoming completedits final major scrimmage of Fall Camp in War Memorial Stadium.

After a 20-minute delay due to a thunderstorm, the Cowboysscrimmaged for an hour and forty minutes running through 60 plays. Stonerthrew two touchdown passes, and directed the number ones to anothertouchdown and a field goal during the afternoon. He finished the daycompleting 14 of 22 passes for 105 yards, the two TD's and one interception.

"We felt it would be good for Jay to get those repetitions," HeadCoach Vic Koenning said following the workout, "and he performedeffectively. He got a little better protection today, and our receiversdid a good job of catching the football." Stoner's TD tosses were bothshort ones, four yards each.

"All in all there was not as much electricity today as we had inThursday's scrimmage," Koenning said. "We have not backed anything off. Wehaven't let up, so we expected the fatigue factor to set in, and I thoughtit did today. The spirit was there, but we just weren't as quick, as fast,as we are going to be. These kids are really trying hard to do the rightthing, but they are near the end of camp, and the legs get tired.

"Probably the best thing about today," the head coach concluded, "was that we didn't get anyone injured. We got a lot of things on tape, weworked on a lot of things, and we didn't get hurt. That's always asuccessful day."

Other than Stoner there wasn't much work done by the Cowboyquarterbacks. Backup Brandon Neill was one for one for eight yards andCasey Bramlet completed one of four, that one a touchdown to tight end EricHaley of eight yards. Only a couple of receivers caught more than one ball,and they each had two. Malcom Floyd caught two for 11 yards and RyanMcGuffey caught two for 10 yards.

While Al Rich got most of the day off-- he carried just three timesfor nine yards--Derek Armah was the top ball carrier with five carries for34 yards including a run of 15 yards. Nate Scott carried three times for 23yards. Tyler Scharman had five carries for 32 yards.

"I thought we made some improvement offensively," Koenning said."The offensive line did a much better job today. They protected ourquarterbacks better, and we were able to move the ball on the ground bettertoday than Thursday. I think the offensive line is getting better andbetter. We did not use (tackle) Rob Kellerman today, but we were stilleffective. Rob could have played (injured ribs) but we thought it best tohold him out of this one and not risk any further damage.

"Coaches, and players, are never satisified," he continued. "Westill have some kinks to work out, and from a coach's standpoint there arenot enough days left to work them all out. That's just the way we are.Actually I am pleased how we have come along. Overall this has been asuccessful camp."

Safety Jacque Finn and linebacker Matt Klotz had outstanding daysdefensively for the Cowboys. Finn came up with five total tackles and thelone interception of the day. Klotz had seven total tackles. PatrickChukwurah, Adrian Hill and Pat Hirsch each had a sack for the defense.Linebacker Kwabena Peprah produced four tackles on the afternoon.

"We were looking for depth and backup help primarily during thisscrimmage and I think some guys are starting to step up," Koenning said."(Tight end) Kolby Drube had an excellent day, and it looks like we may takethe redshirt off of him, and he'll play this year. There are a number oftrue freshmen who have had outstanding camps as well. It also appears thatwe may have some true freshmen playing this season. Drube, receiver SeanBowman, center Trenton Franz, guard Rano Sasa, linebacker Anthony Jones,linebacker T.J. Gottschalk, receiver, defensive back Roderrick Jackson andrunning back Kit Bradshaw all have a chance to play this season."

The Cowboys will continue two-a-days Monday and Tuesday, takeWednesday off, then begin one-a-day workouts Thursday, according toKoenning.

Statistics: Passing: Stoner 14-22, 105 yards, 2 TD's, 1 INT,Bramlet 1-4, 8 yards, Neill 1-1, 8 yards. Receiving: Smith 1-4 yards, 1TD, Haley 1-8 yards, 1TD, Malcom Floyd 2-11 yards, Ford, 1-17 yards,Scharman 1-8 yards, Drube 1-13 yards, Adams 1-8 yards, Brock Ralph 1-14yards. Rushing:Armah 5-34 yards, Scharman 5-32 yards, Rich 3-9 yards, Scott 3-23 yards,Bradshaw 2-1, B. Martin 2-4 yards, Powell 1-2 yards, Stoner 4-( -8), Neill 4(-16). Defense: Klotz 7 tackles, Finn 5 tackles, 1 INT, Peprah 4 tackles,Merrill 4 tackles, Calahan 3 tackles, Maxwell 3 tackles, Gottschalk 3tackles, Glynn 3 tackles, Caires 3tackles, Beuhler 2 tackjles, Chukwurah 2tackles, 1 sack, A. Jones 2 tackles, Bradley 2 tackles, Lee 2 tackles,Aimone 2 tackles, B. Jones 1 tackle, Abram 1 tackle, Hill 1 tackle, 1 sack,Hirsch 1 tackle, 1 sack, J. Scott 1 tackle, Roark 1 tackle, Casavan 1tackle, Lewis 1 tackle, R. Jackson 1 tackle, James 1 tackle.