Pokes' Scrimmage For Final Time Before Opener

Aug. 22, 2001


By design, Wyoming's final major scrimmage of fall camp was a showcase for the backupand younger Cowboys, and Head Coach Vic Koenning was very pleased with what he saw.

The one-hour-and-twenty-five-minute scrimmage in War Memorial Stadium did not involve first-line players. "We have between8 and 10 of our `one's' dinged up so we did not want to risk further injury to anyone," Koenning said. "This scrimmage was anopportunity for our younger players, and those in backup roles to receive a lot more reps, and play under game-like conditions."

The scrimmage was scripted for over 100 plays, and involved a variety of situations. The Cowboys even did somespecial-teams work that included field goals, kickoffs and punts.

"I thought the guys did a great job today," Koenning said. "They were focused, they went hard, and they made a lot of plays. Iwas very pleased considering many of those players had not had many game-like reps. I know once I watch the film there will bethings I won't be happy with, but generally I thought they performed very well."

Koenning said he was happy with the performance of the offensive line, as well as a couple of the receivers."Our offensive line had its best practice of the fall Tuesday," Koenning said. "A lot of those guys carried that over to this practice. Ithought they did an outstanding job. I thought Scottie Vines and Matt Mondragon played very effectively at receiver. I was reallyhappy with both of their performances.

During the scrimmage, Vines caught eight passes for 74 yards and a 21-yard touchdown. Mondragon caught five for 30yards. Freshman Jason Amos had an effective day with two catches for 64 yards and two touchdowns. He produced the long playof the day, a 54-yard touchdown connection with freshman quarterback Matt Belshe.

"I was disappointed with our young running backs, however. I didn't think they ran hard enough, so we will have to watch thatarea." Freshmen Lewis James and C.R. Davis each gained 17 yards during the scrimmage to lead all backs. James did it on ninecarries and Davis on five.

At the quarterback spot, Koenning said he thought redshirt freshman J.J. Raterink did an outstanding job. "All threequarterbacks made some big plays. J.J., Corey (Bramlet) and Matt Belshe did a lot of things correctly. Yes, there were mistakes,but not because they weren't working hard. The fact that all three did some outstanding things makes it hard for us to make adecision on that backup quarterback to starter Casey Bramlet. Casey is the guy who will start for us against Furman. It might bea tough decision on the backup."

Bramlet was 13 of 18 through the air for 105 yards and two touchdowns. Belshe was 7 of 10 for 54 yards and two touchdesand Raterink was 5 of 9 for 61 yards and a touchdown.

The Cowboys are still without their most veteran quarterback, Matt Swanson, who is sidelined with a shoulder injury. "Matt willsee the doctor first of the week, but until then we are unsure of his status," Koenning said. "It's unfortunate that we don't have aveteran like Matt on the field, but we must continue to prepare as if we won't have him."

There were a number of Cowboy front-liners on the sideline Wednesday. Safety Al Rich has not been a "full-go" with ahamstring strain, and receivers Brock Ralph and Malcom Floyd also have been out with hamstring injuries. Both Ralph and Floydare expected back to practice on Thursday. Running back Nate Scott and safety Pete Merrill have been shelved with concussions.Scott is day-to-day, Merrill may be out longer. Defensive end Tim Glynn has been limited with a shoulder injury and defensive endBrandon Casavan has been out with an ankle problem. He is expected back on Friday. The Cowboys had received a scareTuesday night when it was thought offensive tackle Adam Goldberg had mononucleosis. It was feared he would be lost from four tosix weeks. That was not the case, however, and he will return to practice on Friday.

"We seem to have our legs back under us, and we are getting a whole lot done right now," Koenning said. "It's an excitingtime for these guys."

Other than during team periods, the Cowboys are done with the heavy hitting, according to the head coach. The schedule forthe remainder of the week will be a good, long practice in the morning, followed by an afternoon special teams practice, and anevening film session, and walking through the scouting report for opening-game opponent Furman.

University of WyomingFootball ScrimmageAug. 22, 2001

Rushing StatitsticsNetNo.PlayerAttemptsYardsLongTDs21Lewis James III 9 17 6033C.R. Davis 5 17 8038Kevin Fulton 7 11110 6Phillip Drakees 4 7 8011J.J. Raterink 2 -2 30 8Matt Belshe 1 -8-8017Corey Bramlet 2-13-30Totals 30 29110

Passing StatisticsNo.PlayerAtt.-Comp.YardsLongTDsInt. 8Matt Belshe10-7114542017Corey Bramlet18-13105212011J.J. Raterink 9-5 613110Totals37-252805450

Receiving StatisticsNo.PlayerReceptionsYardsLongTDs83Scottie Vines 8 74211 2Matt Mondragon 5 3012081Sean Bowman 4 55311 3Jason Amos 2 6454216Jovon Bouknight 2 28200 4Jeff Tatnall 2 16110 5Jason Fender 1 1010135Shane Powell 1 3 30Totals 25 280545Defensive StatisticsSoloAssisted Total Tackle QBNo.PlayerTacklesTackles Tackles for Loss SacksPBU 2Roderrick Jackson4 4 1 5Chad White12 320Colter Lange1 122Jason Jones23.5 5.5 0.5-1026Tom Vincent11 229Guy Tuell12 330Gary Wright1 136Andy Deselms2 239Ryan Calahan2 242Matt Klotz1 148West Busha22 452John Wilson23 5 1-554Herman White31 4 1-555Zach Morris2 257Derrick Glasper2 2 1-860Aaron Vincent4 462Jacob Bonde11 290Casey Adams2 2 1-392Anthony Jones Jr.1 194Daniel Gibson0.5 0.5 0.5-10