Pokes' Final Dress Rehearsal Set for Wednesday Evening

Aug. 23, 2005


Wyoming's final fall camp dress rehearsal is scheduled under the lights Wednesday evening as Head Coach Joe Glenn makes sure his team is "battlefield ready" for the Florida opener just 10 days away.

The scrimmage will begin at 7 p.m. on Jonah Field at War Memorial Stadium, and will be complete with officials, 25-second clock, and instant replay. According to Glenn the scrimmage should mirror last Wednesday's first scrum of fall camp which was scripted for 100 plays. The Cowboys actually ran 102 that day.

"We have installed all of our bread-and-butter on offense, defense and special teams," Glenn said following Tuesday's single practice. "We want to practice what we have put in, and do it under the lights. We are going to evaluate the guys who are getting the lion's share of the `reps'.

"This is about getting our game-polish on," Glenn continued. "We jumped offside and put the ball on the ground in our last scrimmage, and we want to improve in those areas."

Are there jobs on the line in this scrimmage? "I would probably say no to that," Glenn said. "But it is a chance to get in the mix. If someone lights it up, he might get in the mix to be used in a game. In other words, guys knocking on the door could use this scrimmage to enhance their chances of playing."

According to Glenn, the scrimmage script will include "coming out", "going-in", transition (over the field), goal-line and short-yard situations. There will be third-and-long, third-and-medium and third-and-short situations as well. "We'll work on some `gold-zone'--what everyone else calls the red zone--situations," Glenn said with that famous grin. "We like to call it the `gold zone' to honor our colors.

The scrimmage also will include a healthy dose of special teams. The Cowboys will address kickoff situations and kickoff returns during the evening.

Following Wednesday's scrimmage the Cowboys will focus almost entirely on that Florida opener.

"We have had a very successful camp," Glenn said. "I really feel good about it. My dad would always tell me to hold my cards closer to my chest, but I do think we have a chance to be an excellent football team.

"I think it all starts with the quarterback, and Corey (Bramlet) has had an outstanding camp. He appears to be in mid-season form. He has been John Wayne for us. He and (Jovon) Bouknight have provided outstanding leadership to this team.

"We have a lot of good football players on defense," Glenn continued. "We are deeper up front and in the secondary than we have been in a long time. We have six or seven linebackers who are in the mix. We feel very good about that defense, and certainly feel it belongs with anyone.

"This figured to be a good camp," Glenn continued. "We have a lot of veterans, we have a lot of starters returning. A lot of these guys have been through three spring-fall cycles with this coaching staff. They know what we expect from them, and they certainly know the system. That makes it a lot easier to focus on execution and improvement. There is a great willingness to succeed on this team."

As with any team, this Cowboy edition is not without its question marks. Inexperience at running back is one that comes to mind. Glenn feels good about the group, even though he likely will travel two redshirt freshmen and a true freshman running backs. The question revolves around lack of experience, and only games can take care of that question.

"We are excited about this season, we are excited about this opener," Glenn said. "We have been receiving some national attention which is good for us. We face a great test in Florida, and we look forward to it."

Wednesday's scrimmage will be the second of two practices for the Cowboys that day. They will go through a special teams practice in the morning. Thursday's schedule is a single afternoon workout.