Woodson Takes Advantage of Family Football IQ

Aug. 28, 2002


Armand Woodson had to have learned a lot about the game offootball from his coaches at both the high school and junior college level.But it also doesn't hurt when your older brother plays football for aliving.

Woodson, one of four junior college defensive backs who joined theUniversity of Wyoming football program in January, is the younger brother ofcurrent Dallas Cowboys defensive back Darren Woodson.

The younger Woodson, who is competing for the starting free safety job forthe Cowboys this season, takes full advantage of his older brother'sknowledge.

"When I go visit him, I might reach around to some of the video tapecompartments in his room and I'll sit there and start breaking down somestuff -- even stuff he hasn't watched before," Woodson said.

Both Woodsons play free safety now. But Darren began his high school careeras a linebacker, while Armand was a cornerback. Armand was moved to freesafety his senior year in high school, and played that position both yearsof junior college at Phoenix College in Phoenix, Ariz.

Armand said Darren was eventually moved to free safety because of hisathleticism and versatility. Darren played his college football at ArizonaState.

UW coach Vic Koenning liked what the younger Woodson did in junior collegeto sign him hope he and the other junior college transfers will helpturnaround a UW defense that lacked depth, athleticism and skill in thesecondary the past few seasons.

"There were some concerns because in theory he didn't have a great 40 (yarddash) time coming in here," said Koenning, who is coaching UW's safetiesthis season.

"But he's been more physical than we anticipated and he covers a lot ofground."

Koenning also said Woodson is an equally good person as he is a footballplayer.

"We try to recruit good people, and when you get around him and his family,his character really stands out," Koenning added. "We're very pleased withthe player and person we got in Armand Woodson."

During this time of year, both Woodsons are busy getting ready for footballseason, so the dialogue between the two is limited.

But both guys are going through a similar situation with their teams.

"With him being on championship teams (Dallas won Super Bowls in 1993, 1994and 1996) and now they're at the bottom trying to work their way back to thetop -- kind of like our program is right now.

"If I could talk to him now, I would want to know how he's dealing with thatand how he could help me be a leader on this team."