Wyoming and Kansas Football Teams Will Play on Saturday, Sept. 15

Sept. 12, 2001


It was announced today by University of Wyoming Athletics Director Lee Moonthat Wyoming and the University of Kansas have decided to play their scheduled football game this Saturday, Sept. 15 inLawrence, Kan. The game will be played at its scheduled time of 10:30 a.m., Mountain time (11:30 a.m., Central time).

"The decision has been made by us that our football team will play this Saturday at the University of Kansas," saidMoon. "We all share in this difficult time. Our country is trying to return to some sense of normalcy. By playing, hopefully wecan help in some small way in that refocusing effort. The Big 12 Conference decided that their teams would compete thisweekend. The Mountain West Conference allowed each individual school to determine whether they would play or not.

"I would add that in making this decision to play, we are allowing our student-athletes and coaches flexibility to make theirown choice about whether they want to participate. In keeping with the philosophy of our University President Philip Dubois,any of our players or coaches who may have personal feelings that make them not want to play, they are free not toparticipate. We will understand and and support their decisions."

Fox Sports does still plan on televising the game from KU on Saturday.

In regard to the competition schedules for other University of Wyoming athletic teams, a release will be issued by the UWSports Information Office on Thursday, Sept. 13 regarding which events will be held as scheduled and which ones have beencancelled.