As Cowboy Football Crowds Grow, Fans Are Encouraged to Arrive Early

Sept. 29, 2005


As the success of the Wyoming Football team grows, the crowds at Cowboy home games have also begun to grow. In order to make the game-day experience for Cowboy fans the best it can be, the University of Wyoming Athletics Department has made a couple of adjustments to the time that the main parking lot and the stadium gates open on game days. It is hoped that these changes will enable fans to enter War Memorial Stadium's permit parking lot east of the stadium much easier and more efficiently, as well as make entrance to the stadium easier.

The first change is to open the main parking lot east of War Memorial Stadium 4 hours prior to game time, rather than 2 1/2 hours prior, as was previously the policy.

Secondly, in the permit parking lot east of War Memorial Stadium, a change has been made to help move traffic more quickly off of 22nd street and into the parking lot itself. Rather than stop fans at the entrance to the east parking lot, those fans who have their parking permits properly displayed will be allowed to enter immediately into the lot. Then as fans are parking, parking attendants will hand out information regarding the pregame alcohol policies. Prior to this change, each car was stopped at the entrance to the main parking lot and given the alcohol policies, which caused traffic on 22nd street to back up.

The third change is all ticket gates to the stadium will open 2 hours prior to kickoff, rather than 1 1/2 hours prior, to help eliminate last-minute lines at the ticket gates.

Finally, due to the growing crowds, the UW Athletics Department is encouraging fans to arrive early at Wyoming home football games, enjoy tailgate park north of the Arena-Auditorium and then enter the stadium early to watch the Cowboys warmup before facing the UNLV Rebels.