Wyoming/San Diego State Homecoming Game Attendance Reaches 20K

Oct. 13, 2004


Wyoming's Homecoming victory over San Diego State last Saturday was a "20K Day" after all.

Although a crowd of 19,540 was announced for the huge Mountain West Conference win, the weekly audit of each ticket gate revealed that 486 students had not been immediately downloaded into the system, Athletic Director Gary Barta said Wednesday. That additional count boosted Saturday's house to 20,026.

"Saturday was the largest student attendance we have drawn this year," Barta said. "We had 4,135 students attend the game, which is impressive. Due to the volume and walkup right before kickoff, one of our scanners indeed recorded the students, but did not immediately download them into the ticket computer. Upon going through Monday's audit, we discovered that those students had been recorded and counted.

"We are as interested as our fans in an accurate count," Barta continued. "We have invested a great deal of time and money for a checks and balances system that will ensure accuracy. We utilize the scanning system at each stadium gate, and spot check with a manual count as well."

Barta said that the weekly audit indicated that the crowd count was accurate for Wyoming's first three home games. "We were certainly excited to discover that last Saturday's attendance reached our `20K' goal."

Through four home games, the Cowboys have now drawn a total of 67,687 fans, an average of 16,922 per game. NCAA criteria for Division IA status requires that an institution average at least 15,000 for each home game.

"We continue to be excited about the way our fans have embraced Joe Glenn and his team," Barta said. "Cowboy football is fun again, and we are confident that our attendance will continue to grow."