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April 10, 2007


Qwest Wyoming Home

Max Curnow

Did having a family connection in Laramie play a role in getting you to UW?
"Yeah it did. I had spent some time out here and had developed a relationship with the University a little bit. I'm also very family-oriented and so it was nice to be able to be close to family out here after I had left my family back home. My uncle has me over for dinner some times and it's just nice to have that. He also has the golf channel, so that is a big plus for me."

Talk about the other times you had been to Wyoming growing up?
"Well growing up, it's kind of ironic that I became a Cowboy here because I idolized cowboys. I always had horses growing up and I still have horses back home that I ride and so I just thought it was so cool that I had an uncle out in Wyoming, the cowboy area. We came out here and took a road trip when I was in like fourth grade and we went up into South Dakota and then back across to Cody and Yellowstone and visited all the museums. I've also been up here on different occasions to visit my uncle and gone to Frontier Days and it's always been fun to come visit."

Talk about your transition from high school to now being a major contributor as a freshman?
"It's been an adjustment and definitely one that had not anticipated. I have talked with the other guys on the team who are freshman and how when I started I had to re-learn the game almost. It was just that that was the mental part of it. I had to readjust myself and realize that it's just golf. The people around you and the venue may change, but it's just golf. I struggled in the fall a little bit and think that it was because I was hard on myself."

What would you say is the strength of your game?
"I seem to be pretty good at driving the golf ball, but right now, more so than ever, I can say that my short game has become a strength. I've put the most effort into my short game and it's becoming more of a strength than it used to be."

In your bag, what is your favorite club to hit?
"My favorite club to hit would probably be a seven iron. It's a club that is pretty versatile and you can do a lot of different things with it."

Do you have a specific type of person that you like to be paired with when you go out to play in a tournament?
"I've always found that I tend to play better when I'm paired with good players. I tend to play better in higher stress situations with better players around me. Surprisingly, I don't like to play with guys who talk a lot, even though I talk all the time off the course. I like players who are courteous, but not real talkative. Sometimes that can be just as irritating as someone who is rude."

What is your favorite thing to do during your free time?
"Out here, if the weather is good, I'm probably hitting golf balls. I really enjoy hitting golf balls, but if I'm not hitting golf balls or doing homework, I love to watch golf. I watch it all the time. Back home I'd probably go hunting and ride my horses, but out here I tend to stick with the golf, even in my free time."

What is your favorite type of junk food?
"I would have to go with ice cream. I'm bad, but if I'm just hanging out, a big bowl of ice cream is hard to beat for me."

When singing Karaoke, what song do you pick?
"That's a tough question, but I'd have to go with something that I feel like I know pretty well. Probably like some Garth Brooks or some classic rock."

What is the most recent CD you've purchased or downloaded?
"The last CD I bought was a Neil Young album. I was a collection of a concert he did in like 1972 I think."

Would you rather go on a date with Paula Creamer or Natalie Gulbis?
"I remember this question. Casey and I talked about this question down in Scottsdale, but between Paula and Natalie...I'd probably have to go with Natalie."