Athlete of the Week Archive

April 11, 2008


Gabe Maier

How did you develop your golf game while growing up in Cody?
"None of my immediate family plays, but my grandparents played so I got interested through them. I guess I started playing seriously when I was about ten years old and got hooked up with some older guys who have fueled me all the way through. Most of the time I just played with the guys, had a good time and then they encouraged me to play tournaments."

Talk about the differences between Cody in the winter and Cody in the summer.
"I love Cody. It's great. During the summer you get all of the diversity and tourists, and then in the winter it just slows down a lot and it seems like there are about half as many people. I really like it though."

How many of the Cody Night Rodeos have you been to in your life?
"Not as many as you would think probably. They have one every night from June through August. I don't know, I probably go to like five a summer."

Have you had a chance to work on a ranch around Cody?
"One of my really good friends, his dad has a ranch, and there would be several main events each summer that we would help with. We would spend a couple weeks picking up hay bales, then a week branding. That's pretty much the extent of my ranching."

What are your plans for this upcoming summer?
"Go back to Cody and work at the Olive Glenn course for the pro Dave Snyder. I want to play as many tournaments as I can. Some state events and maybe try to play in some Colorado tournaments."

If you are asked to help try and get a recruit to come play golf at Wyoming, what would you tell them?
"I think the biggest selling point is that you get to play right away. We play in tournaments with a lot of big golf schools and we play the same courses that they do and against the same competition, but the difference is that our team is smaller, so once you earn your spot you get to go to most of the events. Also, the schedule that we play is a positive. We go to a lot of nice places and play a lot of nice courses."

Your round of two-under par last Tuesday was a collegiate best for you, was that one of the best rounds you've ever played?
"I think that was pretty close to the most solid round I've played in college golf yet. I didn't really go out and try to do anything special. I told Joe (Jensen) that I was going to go red (under par) that day and sure enough I was right around the cup all day. I made 16 pars and then birdied my last two holes, so that was a nice finish to the day. That said, it is hard to judge college rounds against rounds I play in Cody for instance, because the courses are so different."

If you could play one round of golf with anyone, who would you pick?
"Tiger Woods for sure. No doubt. He's the best. If you're going to play with someone I'd play with the best and try to learn the most I could."

Is Tiger going to win this weekend's Masters?
"Oh yeah. In fact I think he might get the Grand Slam this year. He's just dominating people right now."

What type of clubs and balls to you use?
"I play Titleist irons and Titleist Pro V1 balls. I've played a Callaway driver for about two or three years now, but I just ordered some new Cleveland Golf stuff so we'll see how that works out. I've got a TaylorMade Rossa putter and I have my moments where I want to change, but I think I'll keep it and just get better with it."

Which of those clubs is your favorite to hit?
"Either my eight-iron or driver. I just hit a lot of eight-irons. It's a good mid-iron and I can just work out a good swing with it. I like to hit my driver because if you can stay in play off of the tee then that gives you more of a chance to hit the green."

Did you expect to do as well your freshman year as you've done (low stroke average, top-25 finishes)?
"I just thought I'd come in and do my best and see what happens. That's how I look at everything. It's all relative to myself. The team is not playing that well though, so it doesn't mean very much to me to be at the top of the bad. Everyone on the team, including myself, can do much better and improve."

If you get to pick where the team goes to dinner on a road trip, where would you choose?
"Panda Express. No questions. Then Cold Stone right after."

Who would you pick as the Hottest Female Athlete?
"I don't know, I don't know what a lot of them look like. I really don't watch much sports on TV. You'll have to show me. (So, after several minutes of looking at photos on the internet)...Maria Sharapova."