Student-Athlete of the Week

April 29, 2013

Athlete of the Week

Eric Parish

You have the MW Championship this week in Tucson. What is your goal for the tournament and how are you preparing for it?

I will try to approach the MW Championship like most tournaments. My goal throughout the tournament is not so much based on my score, but rather my focus. My primary goal will be to commit to my pre-shot routine on every shot. This is something that always helps me because if I commit to my routine I can't be upset if I hit a bad shot.

Who is your favorite professional golfer to watch?

Well, in a couple of weeks it will have to be Clinton Boutelle. He has a motion that is intoxicating to watch. But if we are talking about the lesser pros, then I would have to say either Rory McIlroy or Tiger. I started watching McIlroy before he became a superstar so it is always fun to see someone like that develop.

What is your favorite golf course you have played on? Which course would you like to play someday?

There are too many to name, but if I had to pick one I would say Shooting Star in Jackson, WY. It is set up against the Tetons and has an awesome layout. As far as where I would like to play I'd have to be boring and say Augusta National.

How are Coach Jensen and Coach Readdy helping you develop?

The biggest impact that Coach Jensen has made on me is the importance of hard work. He has motivated me in both school and athletics to perform at a level that I couldn't have previously attained. Unfortunately, our team hasn't been able to work with Coach Readdy much, but I have had a couple great conversations with him about the mental side of the game which is always an important aspect.

When did you first start golfing and when did you decide you wanted to devote your attention to it? Did your dad introduce you to golf or how did you get started?

I first started golfing when I was six or seven, I believe. Both my Mom and Dad introduced my brother and I to the game of golf and we have loved playing ever since. Golf is also important in my extended family, which has been great for me. I get the opportunity to play with my Grandpa every summer and have an uncle and aunt who have an awesome golf facility that I get a chance to visit a couple times a year.

Having grown up in Laramie, what does it mean for you to represent your hometown school and the state's flagship university?

Playing golf for the University of Wyoming means a lot to me. For as long as I can remember I wanted to have a University of Wyoming team golf bag with my name on it. Going to national tournaments and representing my home state gives me an incredible sense of pride for Wyoming ... especially when we beat CSU.

What do you enjoy doing with any free time you have?

I enjoy music. I waste a fair amount of time listening to music and attempting to play instruments. Other than that I just like hanging out with friends and family.

What is your pre-tournament routine before you hit the course?

My pre-round routine has a lot to do with how I am playing. If I feel like I am playing well I like getting to the course about 30 minutes early and just hitting a couple balls and a few putts. I usually just want to tee it up!

What are your career plans after you earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering?

I am planning to attend graduate school directly after I graduate next spring. I am unsure of where I would like to end up working, but some ideas are working in the aero industry or in golf club design.