Hearn's Run Ends in Final 16 at U.S. Amateur Golf Championship

August 20, 1999


David Hearn' miraculous run at theUnited States Amateur Golf Championship ended on Thursday, but not after theUniversity of Wyoming junior advanced to the Final 16 at Pebble Beach GolfLinks in Pebble Beach, Calif. Hearn began as one of the best 312 amateurgolfers on Monday, and ended in the Top 16.

After becoming one of only 64 golfers who advanced to match play onWednesday, Hearn, the 63rd seed out of the 64 golfers defeated No. 2 seedMatthew Jones of Tempe, Ariz., and Arizona State University. Hearn had togo an extra hole, but came away with the victory in 19 holes over Jones.

On Thursday morning, Hearn, went on to defeat Scott Weatherly ofFort Payne, Ala., in a dominant fashion with a 7 and 6 victory, meaningHearn had won seven more holes than Weatherly with only six holes remainingto play. It looked as if Hearn would advance on to the Final 8 when he helda two-hole lead after 10 holes in his Thursday afternoon matchup with SungYoon Kim of Seoul, South Korea, but Kim came back on the back nine to defeatHearn 2 and 1.

"David showed that he belongs among the elite amateur golfers in thecountry with his performance this week," said University of Wyoming men'sgolf coach Roger Prenzlow. "I can't say enough about David's competitivenature and his strong will to become the best player he can be. He hasworked very hard at this game to reach this level of performance, and Ibelieve this will give him the confidence to climb to the top of collegegolf over the next couple of years."