Student-Athlete of the Week

Sept. 24, 2012

Athlete of the Week

Clinton Boutelle

What is your favorite golf course you have played on?

Shooting Star (Jackson, Wyoming) or Bryans Park (Greensboro, NC)
Tradition (Palm Desert, CA)

Which golf course(s) would you like to play someday?

Augusta and the new & improved Jacoby National

Who is your favorite professional golfer?

I am a Tiger Woods fan, but other than that I would say Dustin Johnson or Phil Mickelson solely based on the shots they can hit around the greens. I just like watching competitive golf; no real favorites.

What age were you when you discovered a talent in golf? What was the best round you shot as a kid?

I started golfing around age 11 and didn't really improve until my sophomore year of high school. I don't remember the lowest round as a kid, but two summers ago I shot a 60 in Cody.

What are your individual goals to contribute to the team this year?

Be accountable and a teammate. Accountable as in take responsibility for my spot on the team and produce the scores and expectations that come with that.

You had a great 2011-12 season. What are you doing to build off that success and what areas of the game do you hope to improve?

Short game; you can always benefit from a good short game. Then driving accuracy - I have been known to hit some tee shots a little wayward sometimes!

In high school you lettered three years in hockey. Which NHL team is your favorite?

San Jose Sharks ... although the Kings winning the Stanley Cup this year was pretty fun to watch.

What is your favorite part about being out on the golf course?

I like using my imagination, visualizing shots and then executing shots how you pictured them. That's a very satisfying feeling.

What area of communications is your emphasis? Outside of a professional golf career, what are your career plans after UW?

I don't have plans for after school yet, but like everyone else I would imagine finding a job that I enjoy in an area that won't kick me out!

What is running through your mind when you face an easy putt opportunity?

Easy????? No, I just try to focus on my routine and take it just as seriously as any other putt.

Which shot in golf do you least enjoy or need the most work on?

When there is a hazard on the left and I have a driver in my hand.

What does it mean to you to represent your home state?

It's a privilege to be here and represent the state I was born and raised in. I like the idea that our team is (for the most part) regionally based. It gives us the opportunity to compete against the best in the nation and say we are from Wyoming.

What is your favorite band or type of music to listen to?

I jump around a lot - I don't really have a set genre but I like OAR, John Butler Trio, Citizen Cope, etc. Oh, and Tony Braxton and Aretha Franklin.