Athlete of the Week Archive

Jan. 2, 2009


Joe LeBlanc

What are your three favorite bookmarks on the internet?
"YouTube, Flowrestling and Facebook."

What is hanging on the walls of your bedroom?
"I have posters of wrestling, snowboarding and my state championship medals from high school on my walls of my bedroom."

What did you do in Meeker, Colo., over Christmas?
"I went snowboarding, snowmobiling and spent time with my family and friends."

You played a lot of baseball before coming to college...who was your favorite pro player?
"I never really had a favorite player but my favorite team was the Rockies. GO COLORADO!"

Do you have a go to move? Pin move?
"I hit the firemans carry a lot in high school but it has not been my go to move in college. I usually hit low single legs and bar arms on college wrestlers."

What is the best concert you've ever been to?
"Red Rocks Amphitheater outside of Denver is my favorite venue so basically every show that I have seen there is my favorite. If I had to choose one I would say 'Reggae on the Rocks 2007'."

If you could add one thing to collegiate wrestling to make it more entertaining, what would it be?
"I would incorporate a style points system for the high amplitude moves and walls around the mat similar to those in the practice room."

What is your favorite lift in the weight room? Least favorite?
"My favorite lift is power cleans because its like bucking bales and that was my full time job this summer. My least favorite lift is weighted sit-ups."

What is the worst job you've ever had?
"The worst job I have ever had is building fence for three summers for $60 a day."

If you could pick a song that would play when you step on the mat before a match, what would it be?
"I would play 'Can't be Touched' by Roy Jones Jr."

Who is the toughest guy you've ever wrestled?
"The toughest guy that I have ever wrestled is Coach Branch because he is a two-time national champ and four-time finalist. The toughest guy I have ever wrestled in competition is John Reider from Michigan or Kirk Smith from Boise State."

What is the dumbest thing you've ever heard a fan yell to someone while they're wrestling?
"My buddy's grandma (who knows nothing about wrestling) used to sit in the stands and yell, "press.... press him down!! Now him!" HA, HA. It was hilarious and hard to focus on the match when she was cheering!"

Aside from school work, what is the last book that you've read?
"The last book that I have read is the first book in the 'Space Trilogy Series' by C.S. Lewis called 'Out of a Silent Planet'."

What is the worst wreck you've ever had while snowboarding?
"I have had a few good ones... but the worst was probably last year in the Super Pipe (half pipe with 18 foot walls) in Steamboat, Colo. I launched out of the pipe and as I was coming down, my board caught on the coaping (top of half-pipe wall) and I faceplanted in the flat at the bottom of the pipe!"