Athlete of the Week Archive

Jan. 15, 2010


Brock Smith

What kind of classes do you have to take for your social science major?
"My main focus for my degree is sociology. Some classes I am taking this semester are Sociology of Educations, and Psychology- the Adolescent."

What do you want to do after graduation with that degree?
"After I graduate with this degree I want to get my teaching certificate to teach Physical Education or I would like to be a school counselor. I also plan on coaching wrestling at the high school level."

When UW hosts NU in football in 2011, how many ticket requests will you get from friends and family?
"That is going to be a crazy time for me. I will probably find friends I never even knew existed before. As for the amount of tickets, I do not know but it will be a ton I'm sure."

Who is the best volleyball player on the Cowboy wrestling team?
"Well, I would have to say I am for sure, but if there had to be another guy to be picked I would say Alfonso Hernandez...even though Coach Branch and Coach Shufelt claim to be. We will have to settle it once and for all after season."

How did you become a Miami Dolphins fan?
"I am not a 100% sure but I believe that when I was in first grade I loved everything about the ocean and dolphins so I was drawn to the Miami Dolphins. As I grew older my favorite player was Dan Marino, so I have stayed loyal to Miami ever since."

Have you ever gone live with Coach Branch and taken him down?
"Well I went live with him once this year and uhh cannot say I did."

What is Gering, Nebraska's claim to fame?
"Great Mexican food, Scottsbluff National Monument, and the Wild Cat Hills. My claim for it is that it's the greatest place in the world to grow up."

Since Gering is so close to Wyoming, did you spend much time in Wyoming prior to coming to school at UW?
"Not at all actually. If I went to Wyoming it was because my father and I were traveling to some tournament where we would camp out in our Suburban."

Have you ever wrestled someone with curlier hair than yourself?
"I do not believe so."

If you could add one thing to collegiate wrestling to make it more entertaining, what would it be?
"Larger mats would be nice. I would also add a little stricter stalling rule in order to get people to open up a little more and wrestle."

How big is the sport of wrestling in the state of Nebraska?
"It is pretty big, but it was a lot bigger with the classes before me. My class was the last of a group of kids who traveled and did a lot of freestyle and Greco wrestling growing up. Freestyle and Greco have since then been lost on the west side of the state and the little kids now just are not getting that vital experience. There are not as many local tournaments around to get in matches. This is something I wish to change after I graduate, to help build strong kid programs like I was blessed with as a kid."

You guys spend a lot of time in the weight room...what is your favorite lift/least favorite?
"My favorite lifts are weighted pull-ups, bench press, and Sumo dead lifts. My least favorite would have to be squats."

Are there more geese or people in the Scottsbluff/Gering area?
"That is debatable, but I cannot give an honest answer for this one."

After you make weight before a match, what do you eat/drink?
"I like to eat yogurt, fruit snacks, and a sandwich. I drink Pedialyte, water, and PowerAde Zero.

Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift?
"I am not sure who to pick, but I am going to go with Taylor Swift. She seems to be pretty down to earth."

Out of season, of course...who on the team (pound for pound) could eat the most at a Pizza Hut buffet?
"I would have to say LJ Helbig. That kid can straight put some food down."