Athlete of the Week Archive

Feb. 27, 2009


Alex Rieder

Who is your favorite super-hero? Why?
"The Incredible Hulk, because he's a normal man who is has the ability to become ungodly strong at will. And that would be nice power to have."

What is your hometown of Paonia, Colo., like? Where in the world is it?
"Paonia is a small ranching, mining community in a rural area right next to God's country. Well, don't tell too many people, we try to keep it a secret. It is in the North Fork Valley of the Gunnison river, 25 miles from Delta, Colo., on the western slope of Colo."

If you could meet one celebrity and spend a day with them, who would it be and why?
"Walter Matthau or Brittany Spears. Walter Matthau because he seems like my kind of guy and he saw a lot of things in his life. And he was in the Grumpy Old Men movies. Brittany Spears because we have the same birthday."

If you could add one thing to collegiate wrestling to make it more entertaining, what would it be?
"Make slams legal. That would hopefully get the crowd more excited."

Do you feel like you are a leader on the team, since you are one of only seven upperclassmen?
"Yes. I feel it is my job to take the underclassman under my wing to show them how to do things and show them what is expected out of them for our team. We need to know we are expected to outwork and be tougher than other teams. I try to lead by example in that area by working hard, the hardest I can and encourage the younger guys to try and out work me."

Who gets to pick the music you guys listen to during practice? Seems as though you have quite a variety.
"Coach Branch. Although sometimes I am able to sneak a little Brittany Spears or Scorpion in there. Sometimes Joe LeBlanc sneaks in some of his off the wall music. Yes, we do have a vast variety...from Cross Canadian Ragweed, to Scorpion, Fifty Cent, Brittany Spears and of course Johnny Cash."

You are tied for the team lead in pins this year with 12, what do you attribute that to? Aggressiveness?
"Coach Branch influencing me to be more aggressive and not hold back at all."

What is your favorite takedown move? Pin move?
"High Crotch, but sometimes I like to just scramble until I get a takedown. Near or Flying Cradle."

If you could design head gear to fit your personal tastes, what would it look like?
"It would have tons of metal to insure my ears are protected. With the bucking horse, engraved in gold."

Do you ever pay attention to what fans are yelling during your matches?
"I can only ever hear my mom because she screams so loud, unless something goes well and the crowd goes wild. Normally I focus on the coaches and my match."

What is your favorite lift in the weight room? Least favorite?
"Power Clean is my favorite, Bench is my least."

What one piece of advice would you give to a novice wrestler?
"Make hard work your best friend and learn a good solid takedown."

Can you still beat your younger brother in wrestling?
"My baby brother is 14 and is 6 foot two and two hundred pounds, but I still reign supreme. Though it is getting harder every month I'm away."

After weigh-in, what do you like to eat and drink before a match?
"Ice cold water, a cold chocolate boost and a bagel with cream cheese. That is what I crave all week long. I love my boost after weigh ins."

How do you plan to use your agricultural communications degree after you graduate?
"I'd love work for John Deere and somehow be involved with their tractors. Really I want to work in the field of agriculture in some capacity and affect change in the world of agriculture."

What was your first job?
"Working on the family farm from the time I could walk."