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Nov. 19, 2010


Athlete of the Week

Kasey Garnhart

Do you know where the name of your hometown Ten Sleep, Wyoming originates from?
"Actually I do! It is "Ten Sleeps" or ten nights between two Sioux Indian campsights. One is Bridger Mt, and the other is on the Platte River. (Our little town has a big sign at the edge of town dedicated to the naming of Ten Sleep.)"

What is the population of Ten Sleep, Wyoming?
"A big 304 people."

What is your favorite class so far? Favorite teacher?
"My favorite class probably is my Sociology of Organizations class. I have had Professor Richard Machalek before in a sociology of religion class and he has been pretty energetic and keeps everyone involved. I can relate to the "hunting and fishing" analogies he uses."

If you could add one thing to collegiate wrestling to make it more entertaining what would it be?
"I think I would add some team matches. Ya know a couple wrestlers wrestling 2 or 3 others at one time. Make it more team like and see how creative some of the wrestlers can get tag teaming the opposition."

After you make weight before a match what do you eat or drink?
"Usually I am all about the purple grape gatorade and a cinnamon raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese. As unhealthy as it is, I also like Mt. Dew. I tell coach that it settles my stomach, but I am not sure if he is buying into it."

Describe a typical day in the life of wrestler Kasey Garnhart.
"A typical day in the life of Kasey Garnhart begins around 6:30 or seven with lifting or morning practice. After practice I am all about hanging out at the house waiting for class, I watch a bunch of CMT top-ten countdowns. I guess it is the whole country kid thing coming out in me. After that it is off to class. In between classes I can be found in the Union passed out on one of the couches till my next class. After that it is off to practice then study hall then back home to chill out and watch some more tv before bed. I love to sleep so I am usually in bed by like 9:00."

What is the most physically demanding drill you guys have done during practice?
"As far as wrestling goes we have a drill called an "Iron Man". Its when one guy stays in and goes 4 consecutive two to three minute goes with a fresh wrestler each time. The new guy is expected to put a lot of pressure on you each time so you get tired and learn to wrestle when your fatigued. For conditioning I would have to say our timed sprints in the room. Its three down and backs. We get divided into 2 groups and if one guy in your group doesn't make the time then the whole group has to go again with out a break. Each time your group doesn't make it you have to keep going and it gets harder and harder each time the more times you go. Also the rope climb work outs coach has been putting us through lately are pretty tough."

Have you ever been distracted by a screaming fan during a match? What were they saying?
"I haven't really experienced it in college, you kind of get in a zone where you don't hear much except your coach occasionally. But I can remember one time in high school the mom of this kid I was wrestling was super loud. She was known around the state for just non-stop high-pitch shrill screaming from as close as she could get to the mat. Her son and I used to wrestle USA when we were young together so she was super loud during our match in high school."

Would you rather win by a pin or by points?
"I would rather win by a pin. Pins are worth more team points, plus its nice to be able to put guys away early in a match."

What would fans be surprised to know about the Cowboy Wrestling Team?
"I think fans would be surprised or impressed with how close everyone is. Our team really doesn't have its cliques and everyone gets along great. Everyone is always trying to get everyone involved in our off time no matter what it is. Everyone is always getting invited to go shoot our hang out and watch football or whatever."

Who is the most interesting person on the team?
"I would have to say Butters. (Jake Eitzen). The kid always has the funniest stories and does the best impressions, even if all of them sound like "Borat" regardless of who he is trying to impersonate. Plus he is "ging nation" like me so we have the red head thing in common."

Do you have any specific pre-match rituals you go through?
"I usually like to get a lot of shadow wrestling in. I try to kind of go through my offense with no opponent and try to visualize my attacks from my feet. I also have this weird habit that I picked up my freshman year of high school where once I put my ankle band on I run to the edge of the mat and hop around till the ref calls us in. I then do like two really high "knee up jump things" then run to the center to shake hands."

Were you recruited by any other schools to wrestle (did you want to wrestle anywhere else)?
"I was recruited by some smaller schools around in surrounding states and got some letters of interest from D-1 schools like Lehigh, UNC Greensborough, Northern Colorado and Stanford. I signed my letter of intent to be a Poke before my senior year of wrestling so i didn't give the other schools much thought. I always wanted to wrestle for the Brown and Gold so it was definately a dream come true to be a part of Wyoming Wrestling."

Besides wrestling, is there any other sport you like to play?
"I played football in high school and was a decent running back. I was named all state and got to play in the Wyoming Shrine Bowl game so I would probably play that if I wasn't wrestling or a whopping 5'2" a buck 35. ;)"

Do you get a lot of comments on being a red head?
"Oh yeah. I get all sorts of comments about being a ginger. (Thanks alot South Park) But its cool, Butters has my back and together we ward off all the haters. Coach Pendelton is always making comments about the two off us not having souls and stuff, but its all in fun."

How does it feel to be ranked in the preseason Top-25?
"It's awesome to be getting attention at the national level. Coach Branch and our coaching staff has our program pointed in the right direction. We aren't satisfied with top 25, we are constantly working towards a program that is consistently in the top 10 and in the hunt for a NCAA title each year. Cowboy Wrestling is on the rise and is looking forward to turning some heads this year and progressing towards the top. We have made some noise thus far but we aren't satisfied with being good, we are continually working towards being great."