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Nov. 27, 2006


Qwest Wyoming Home

Sam Wendland

Talk about your career up to this point and some of your favorite memories?
"I started out at the bottom of the totem pole and had to work my way up. My sophomore year I won the Western Region, which was a big accomplishment for me. I got tired of cutting weight, so I moved up to 197 and red shirted last year and I think that was a great move for me."

What are some of your goals for the remainder of the season?
"I had planned on heading to the next couple of tournaments, but this injury is keeping me out. I had some short term goals for these upcoming tournaments, but it looks like I'm going to have to postpone those and get ready for the spring dual season. My goals for this spring will be to score first in all of my matches and then try to stay strong and consistent. My long-term goals are to win a conference title and then I want to make it to nationals."

Who would you say is the Wrestling team's biggest rival and do you have a personal rival?
"I don't have a personal rival because of my time here. I've wrestled a lot of guys, so I haven't really developed a rivalry with anyone particular. Within the conference, I think Air Force is probably our biggest rival; it's nice to see Northern Colorado come up and get in our conference because they've kind of been one of our rivals."

What are your plans for when you are finished wrestling at UW?
"One of my goals is to use my wrestling beyond being competitive. I'd like to coach, but I'd also like to go out and teach physical education because that's my major, so I'd like to use my degree and coach wrestling."

Talk a little bit about dieting and maybe how you've changed your eating habits during your career as a wrestler?
"A lot of guys do it differently. During my career at UW, I've learned how to do it because in high school I didn't really cut weight. My philosophy is to try and keep my metabolism going, so I try to eat seven or eight times a day; usually small meals just to keep my metabolism going so that I can keep floating weight while we travel. I try to eat as healthy as I possibly can, but I can't pass up some ice cream or candy every once in a while."

What is your favorite holiday food?
"You gotta' love the turkey and the cranberry sauce and all that, but pumpkin pie is probably my favorite holiday food."

What would you say is your favorite pinning combination?
"I've got to go with the regular cross wrist half nelson."

Would you rather get a big pin, or a major decision?
"Well I think that most wrestlers would agree that you want to get the pin; that's the ultimate goal. My style of wrestling allows me to get those major decisions more often than others, but a pin is definitely the ultimate goal."

What is your favorite TV show?
"The Simpson's."

What is your favorite type of music?
"I'm all over the place with music. I don't really have a favorite. Rock is basically what I listen to most of the time, but my girlfriend sings opera, classical and jazz stuff so I kind of like it all."

What are your top three favorite movies?
"I'm going to have to go with Vision Quest, then Gladiator and The Patriot."