Wyoming Wrestlers Shine at Lone Star Duals

Jan. 4, 2003


The University of Wyoming wrestlingteam won three out of four duals at the prestigious Hilton Arlington LoneStar Duals in Grand Prairie, Tex. on Saturday improving their record to 4-3on the season.

The Pokes dominated their first three opponents, Missouri Baptist, Stanfordand Virginia, winning all three matches by a combined score of 113-22. UWfell to Brown in their last dual 19-18.

During Session One the Cowboys handled Missouri Baptist by winning nine outof ten matches and cruising to a 48-3 victory. Freshman Tyson Shatto (133pounds), junior Blake Gunter (141 pounds), senior Thad Trujillo (149pounds), junior Levi Prevost (174 pounds), junior Kevin Kessner (197 pounds)and senior Brad Steele (HWT) all won their matches by way of pin to lead theCowboys. Other victorious Pokes were freshman Bryce Leonhardt (125 pounds)and junior Trevor Murray (165 pounds).

The Cowboys faced the Stanford Cardinal in their second dual of the day inSession Two. Junior Kevin Kessner recorded his second pin of the day in the197 pound match defeating Ian Bork 1:29 in the first period. Freshman SamWendland (184 pounds) delivered a major decision over Larry Ozowara 19-3,and senior heavyweight Brad Steele also recorded a major decision over ShawnRitzenthaler 11-3 to lead the Pokes. Blake Gunter, Thad Trujillo, TrevorMurray and Levi Prevost all won their second matches as well.

Virginia was the Cowboys' next opponent during Session Five. Tyson Shatto,Thad Trujillo and Levi Prevost all won their matches by major decision whileKevin Kessner recorded his third victory by pin defeating Zach Freday 2:14in the first period. The Cowboys were aided by a forfiet by Virginia in the184 pound match and an defalt by injury in the 141 pound match in the 32-13victory.

The Cowboys battled Brown in their last dual of the day during Session Six.The Pokes fought hard but only claimed three match wins and fell 19-18. Inthe 133 pound match Tyson Shatto notched his third victory of the daydefeating Dan Apello 7-2. Levi Prevost got his fourth win on the day in the174 pound match defeating Adam Santee 3-1, and Kevin Kessner dominated his197 pound match again recording his fourth victory by pin on the dayhandling Peter Mosely 1:55 in the first period.

The Pokes put up great numbers on the day as they recorded nine match winsby fall (four by Kevin Kessner) and six match wins by major decisions.

The Wyoming Cowboy wrestling team will next compete at the Virginia Dualsin Hampton, Virg., Jan. 10-11.

Wyoming 48, Missouri Baptist 3125 pounds- Bryce Leonhardt (UW) def. Jon Smith (MBU), 11-8133 pounds- Tyson Shatto (UW) def. James Briggs(MBU), fall 3:22141 pounds- Blake Gunter (UW) def. Andrew Higley(MBU), fall 3:40149 pounds- Thad Trujillo (UW) def. Derryan Derrough (MBU), fall 1:44157 pounds- William Riffe (MBU) def. Chad Plummer (UW), 7-3165 pounds- Trevor Murray (UW) def. TC Brown-Epperson (MBU), 11-4174 pounds- Levi Prevost (UW) def. Adam Stern (MBU), fall 2:14184 pounds- Sam Wendland (UW) def. Brian Kleck  (MBU), injury default197 pounds- Kevin Kessner (UW) def. Rafael Ruiz (MBU), fall 2:27HWT- Brad Steele (UW) def. Claude Robinson (MBU), fall :51

Wyoming 33, Stanford 6125 pounds- Nathan Peterson (SU) def. Bryce Leonhardt (UW), 5-4133 pounds- Tyson Shatto (UW) won by forfeit141 pounds- Blake Gunter (UW) def. Brendon Fox (SU), 8-1149 pounds- Thad Trujillo (UW) def. Scott Polley (SU), 10-3157 pounds- Matt Gentry (SU) def. Pat Shuler (UW), 8-1165 pounds- Trevor Murray (UW) def. John Garfinkel (SU), 2-0174 pounds- Levi Prevost (UW) def. Harold Penson (SU), 9-7184 pounds- Sam Wendland (UW) def. Larry Orzowara (SU), 19-3197 pounds- Kevin Kessner (UW) def. Ian Bork (SU), fall 1:29HWT- Brad Steele (UW) def. Shawn Ritzenthaler (SU), 11-3

Wyoming 32, Virginia 13125 pounds- Brian Sticca (VU) def. Bryce Leonhardt (UW), 3-2133 pounds- Tyson Shatto (UW) def. Ian DeRath (VU), 17-5141 pounds- Blake Gunter (UW) def. Bob Seidel (VU), injury default149 pounds- Thad Trujillo (UW) def. Paul Bjorio (VU), 12-4157 pounds- Tim Foley (VU) def. Pat Shuler (UW), 12-2165 pounds- Will Durkee (VU) def. Trevor Murray (UW), 3-2174 pounds- Levi Prevost (UW) def. Brian Muir (VU), 18-3184 pounds- Sam Wendland (UW) won by forfeit197 pounds- Kevin Kessner (UW) def. Zach Freday (VU), fall 2:14HWT- Josh Etu (VU) def. Brad Steele (UW), SV 2-1

Brown 19, Wyoming 18125 pounds- Lucas Magnani (BU) def. Bryce Leonhardt (UW), 9-5133 pounds- Tyson Shatto (UW) def. Dan Apello (BU), 7-2141 pounds- Clint Frease (BU) def. Blake Gunter (UW), 7-4149 pounds- Jason Mercado (BU) def. Thad Trujillo (UW), 8-0157 pounds- Michael Savino (BU) def. Chad Plummer (UW), 6-1165 pounds- Sean Jenkins (BU) def. Trevor Murray (UW), 9-4174 pounds- Levi Prevost (UW) def. Adam Santee (BU), 3-1184 pounds- Nick Ciarcia (BU) def. Sam Wendland (UW), 6-3197 pounds- Kevin Kessner (UW) def. Peter Mosley (BU), fall 1:55HWT- Brad Steele (UW) won by forfeit