Grapplers Defeat Missouri

January 19, 1999


Wyoming turned a 7-4 defecit to the Tigers into a resounding 30-7 victory on Saturday night, January 16, in Laramie. The Cowboys won seven consecutive matches and pulled away from Missouri to win the dual. Both teams won two matches each at the start for a tie at seven. Then Wyoming won six matches in a row to push their season record to 4-3-1 on the year. There was only one pin in the match, but it was an unexpected one. Wyoming's Chris Bouchard was trailing Jake Lapinski of Missouri 7-1 in the second period, but battled back to close the gap to 7-5. Then, at the 6:59 mark, with just one second remaining in the match, Bouchard pinned Lapinski for the victory.

The following are quotes from University of Wyoming head wrestling coach Steven Suder after the Cowboys 30-7 dual victory over Missouri in Laramie:

"I thought it was different as night and day from last night. The score wasnt that much different but the match itself was. I was real encouraged by the way our guys wrestled.

"We had a lot of intensity in every class out there. Thats the kind of step that weve talking about needing to take. I was encouraged by the way we wrestled tonight.

"Like everybody else, I sit here adding up the score, thinking what happens if we win here or if they win there.

"I thought the last three weights before Walkers match (133) were critical. I wouldnt mind finishing up with Chris Walker everytime. Hes that kind of a battler.

"We talk about tasting blood, and when Bouchard had a guy that close youve got to finish him.

"This needs to feel good for our guys. We made a lot of good decisions."

The Cowboys will return to action on Jan. 23 when they get back on the road and compete in the Oregon Classic. Then on Jan. 24, Wyoming duals with Oregon State in Corvalis.

Match Recap

141 lbs - McConville (Wyo) vs Sutcliffe (UM), McConville wins 17-7, Wyo 4 UM 0

149 lbs - J.Gonzales (Wyo) vs Urban (UM), Urban wins 10-2, Wyo 4 UM 4

157 lbs - Winninger (Wyo) vs Webster (UM), Webster wins 10-7, Wyo 4 UM 7

165 lbs - Wood (Wyo) vs Kopnisky (UM), Wood wins 10-7, Wyo 7 UM 7

174 lbs - Sell (Wyo) vs Sears (UM), Sell wins 5-1, Wyo 10 UM 7

184 lbs - Schenk (Wyo) vs Moore (UM), Schenk wins 3-2, Wyo 13 UM 7

197 lbs - Rumsey (Wyo) vs Herron (UM), Rumsey wins 14-4, Wyo 17 UM 7

Hvywght - Boomer (Wyo) vs Hertzog (UM), Boomer wins 12-2, Wyo 21 UM 7

125 lbs - Bouchard (Wyo) vs Lapinski (UM), Bouchard wins by fall 6:59, Wyo 27 UM 7

133 lbs - Walker (Wyo) vs Bader (UM), Walker wins 7-2, Wyo 30 UM 7

Final Score - Wyo 30 Missouri 7