Cowboy Wrestlers Suffer Tough Loss to 14th-Ranked Northern Iowa

Feb. 9, 2002


The University of Wyoming Cowboywrestling team gave a gallant effort against the 14th-ranked NorthernIowa Panthers Saturday in Laramie before falling 24-9.

The dual began with the 197 pound match between UNI's Sean Stender andUW freshman Malcolm Havens. Havens built a 4-2 lead early in the thirdperiod but couldn't hold on as Stender would pin Havens at the 6:11 markof the third to give the Panthers a 6-0 lead.

Cowboy junior Brad Steele would get Wyoming on the board with an 8-2victory over Jason Payne pulling UW to within three points, 6-3. Steelejumped out to a 2-0 lead after a takedown in the first period and neverlooked back.

Northern Iowa took the lead again after a very close 125 pound matchwhere Tyler Hubbard defeated Cowboy sophomore Reynold Candelaria. Withthe score tied at 6-6 early in the third period, Hubbard would score atakedown which proved to be the difference in the match. Candelaria,who was looking for his first victory of the season, scored an escapeto pull the score to within one but came up short, losing 8-7.

In yet another close match, Poke senior Kelly McConville won athrilling double-overtime match over Mark Manchio, 1-1, in the 133 poundmatch. McConville was awarded the match because he was in an offensiveposition when time ran out in the second overtime period. His victoryonce again pulled Wyoming to within three points at 9-6.

At 141, Cowboy senior Mark Hamrick took No. 9 ranked Dylan Long toovertime after scoring a reversal in the final minute of regulation totie the score at 3-3. In the overtime it appeared Hamrick had the upperhand before Long was able to win with a takedown, winning 5-3.

Northern Iowa would win the next match at 149, when Jon Garvin defeatedjunior Thad Trujillo in a tight 2-0 match, extending the Panthers leadto 15-6. UW sophomore Levi Prevost picked up the Pokes final victory ofthe night with a 10-6 win in the 157 pound match, making the score 15-9in favor of UNI.

The Panthers would win the final three matches of the night at 165, 174and 184, making the final score 24-9.At 165, No. 19 ranked Nate Lawrenz defeated UW redshirt freshman JustinSalas 7-2, 20th-ranked Eric Hauan beat Cowboy redshirt freshman E.K.Waldhuas 5-2 at 174 and No. 7 ranked Kyle Hansen defeated UW sophomoreKevin Kessner 7-2 in the 184 pound match.

"Looking back I think we should have won the first five matches," saidUW head coach Steven Suder. "If Malcolm wins his match and Reynold getshis then all of a sudden this thing is very different. I'm going to beup all night thinking about had we turned one match around then we getthose points and if we get another one then we get this many points andthen this is a completely different deal, but that didn't happen."

The loss dropped the Cowboys season record to 4-10 while Northern Iowaimproved to 7-6 on the year. UNI now leads the all-time series withWyoming 8-4. Both teams will compete in the 2002 West Regional to beheld in Fresno, Calif. on Mar. 9.

"My gut reaction to this is that we didn't lose this match we gave itaway. I don't have a doubt in my mind that everyone of our guys wentout and fought as hard as they could fight. They've got to get away withone of these once in a while before they believe they should get awaywith one of these matches against a tough ranked team." Suder said.

Making things a little more complicated for the Pokes and Panthers wasthat the top assistant coaches from each team had to referee the matchbecause the original referee was stuck in Cheyenne due to bad roads fromthe inclement weather.

"The thing that hurts about this loss is the lack of confidence itleaves the team with. We walk away from a match that we should have wonand that doesn't do much for our confidence and that's not a good thingthis time of year. We've really got some soul searching to do in thesefinal few weeks." said Suder.

The Cowboys will remain in Laramie for their next dual when they hostNorthern Colorado on Wednesday, Feb. 13 at 7:00 p.m. in the MulitPurposeGym.

Complete Dual Results:

197- Sean Stender (UNI) defeated Malcolm Havens (UW), fall 6:11HWT- Brad Steele (UW) defeated Jason Payne (UNI), 8-2125- Tyler Hubbard (UNI) defeated Reynold Candelaria (UW), 8-7133- Kelly McConville (UW) defeated Mark Manchio (UNI), 1-1 OT141- Dylan Long (UNI) defeated Mark Hamrick (UW), 5-3 OT149- Jon Garvin (UNI) defeated Thad Trujillo (UW), 2-0157- Levi Prevost (UW) defeated Drew Kelly (UNI), 10-6165- Nate Lawrenz (UNI) defeated Justin Salas (UW), 7-2174- Eric Hauan (UNI) defeated E.K. Waldhaus (UW), 5-2184- Kyle Hanson (UNI) defeated Kevin Kessner (UW), 7-2