'Pokes Fall To #16 Cal State-Bakersfield, 23-14

Feb. 11, 2000


Wyoming lost to #16 CalState-Bakersfield 23-14 Friday night in Bakersfield. The Pokes won fourof the first seven matches, and the dual was tied at 14 with threematches to go. But CSUB won the final three matches for the victory.The last two matches of the night were very close, with Mark Hamrick(149) losing 6-4 in overtime and Brian Wood (157) losing by one point,9-8. Jeremy Sell (165), Craig Rumsey (197), Brad Steele (HWT) and CoreyHamrick (133) all earned victories in their individual matches. With C.Hamrick's 10-2 major decision victory over Anthony Adame, the Cowboysand Roadrunners were tied up at 14 with three to go. Brandon Dansie(174), Dave Schenk (184), Cisco Gonzales (125) and (141) Shay Wyman alllost their matches against the nationally ranked Roadrunners.

Complete dual results:

165 - Jeremy Sell (UW) defeated Ian Nelms (CSUB) 10-3174 - Andy Varner (CSUB) defeated Brandon Dansie (UW) 9-4184 - Lionel Halsey (CSUB) tech. fall Dave Schenk (UW) 16-0197 - Craig Rumsey (UW) defeated Robert Odell (CSUB) 9-3HWT - Brad Steele (UW) maj. dec. Max Harris (CSUB) 14-5125 - Ruben DeLeon (CSUB) fall Cisco Gonzales (UW) at 6:11133 - Corey Hamrick (UW) maj. dec. Anthony Adame (CSUB) 10-2141 - Jonathon Archuleta (CSUB) defeated Shay Wyman (UW) 5-0149 - Larry Vasquez (CSUB) defeated Mark Hamrick (UW) 6-4 OT157 - Nathan Vasquez (CSUB) defeated Brian Wood (UW) 9-8