Wyoming Wrestlers Dominate Portland State 35-9

Feb. 15, 2003

Laramie, Wyo. - The University of Wyoming wrestlingteam won its final home dual of the season with a 35-9 victory over thePortland State Vikings Saturday night at the Multipurpose Gym in Laramie,Wyo. The Pokes won eight of ten matches to earn their tenth dual victory ofthe season.

Freshman Bryce Leonhardt set the tempo for the Cowboys with a 6-3 decisionover Zac Enoch in the 125 pound match. Freshman Tyson Shatto followed suitby defeating Casey Kotter by major decision 11-4. In the 141 pound match,junior Blake Gunter recorded two takedowns to defeat Stuart Eggertson 7-1.

The Cowboys would get five points for Patrick Shuler's victory in the 149pound match. Shuler got two takedowns and two reversals against Eddie Dahlenfor a technical fall. Junior Levi Prevost, ranked No. 12 in the country,earned his 26th victory of the season with his 11-4 major decision over EricArbogast.

Portland State got its second victory of the dual in the 174 pound match.Quinn Collett defeated junior Cowboy Trevor Murray. The bout went down tothe final seconds as Murray recorded a reversal with only ten secondsremaining, but Collett fought of Murray for the 6-5 victory. The score afterseven bouts was 19-9 in favor of Wyoming.

Junior Kevin Kessner dominated his 197 pound match against Randy Davidson.Kessner recorded five takedowns in the match and won by major decision 14-9.In the heavyweight match senior Brad Steele went out in style on his homemat by pinning Antonio Coraido, 2:22. The pin is Steele's ninth of the yearand the win marks his 106th of his career which places him eighth on theall-time Cowboy list.

"It is always nice to end the home schedule with a victory," said UW headcoach Steven Suder. "We have been working these guys pretty hard this lastweek and I am impressed with how they competed and performed tonight.Leonhardt and Shatto set the tempo early and everyone else responded reallywell."

The Pokes are now 10-6 on the year and will travel to Colorado Springs,Colo. on Feb. 26th to battle the Air Force Academy in their last dual of theseason.

Wyoming Cowboys vs. Portland State Vikings
February 15, 2003
MPG, Laramie, Wyo.

125 Pounds: Bryce Leonhardt (UW) vs. Zac Enoch (PSU)First Period: 0-0... Second Period: escape Encoch 3:39, 1-0...takedown Leonhardt4:11, 2-1...Third Period: reversal Leonhardt 5:33, 4-1...reversal Enoch 6:12,4-3...escape Leonhardt 6:34, 5-3...riding time Leonhardt 6-3

Leonhardt wins 6-3

UW 3, PSU 0

133 Pounds: Tyson Shatto (UW) vs. Casey Kotter (PSU)First Period: takedown Shatto 1:27, 2-0...nearfall Shatto 2:59, 4-0...SecondPeriod: takedown Shatto 3:23, 7-0...escape Kotter 3:38, 7-1...takedown Shatto4:06, 9-1...nearfall Shatto 10-2,4:12...escape Kotter 4:20, 10-2...Third Period:takedown Kotter 6:05 10-4...escape Shatto 6:12 11-4...takedown Shatto 6:2213-4....riding time Shatto 14-4

Shatto wins by major decision 14-4

UW 7, PSU 0

141 Pounds: Blake Gunter (UW) vs. Stuart Eggertson (PSU)First Period: takedown Gunter :47, 2-0...Second Period: reversal Gunter 3:19,4-0...Third Period: takedown Gunter 5:25, 6-0...escape Eggertson 5:33,6-1...riding time Gunter 7-1

Gunter wins 7-1

UW 10, PSU 0

149 Pounds: Patrick Shuler (UW) vs. Eddie Dahlen (PSU)First Perdiod: takedown Shuler 1:14, 2-0...nearfall Shuler 2:10, 5-0...SecondPeriod: reversal Shuler 3:11, 7-0...nearfall Shuler 3:59, 10-0...nearfall Shuler4:42, 13-0...Third Period: takedown Shuler 5:05...

Shuler wins by tech fall at 5:05

UW 15, PSU 0

157 Pounds: Andrew Shuler (UW) vs. Ryan Thomas (PSU)First Period: takedown Thomas :32, 2-0...escape Shuler :41, 2-1...takedownThomas 1:21, 4-1...

Thomas wins by pin at 1:53

UW 15, PSU 6

165 Pounds: Levi Prevost (UW) vs. Eric Arbogast (PSU)First Period: takedown Prevost :29, 2-0...escape Arbogast :56, 2-1...takedownPrevost 1:38, 4-1...escape Arbogast 2:03, 4-2...takedown Prevost 2:26,6-2...Second Period: escape Arbogast 3:06, 6-3...takedown Prevost 4:09,8-3...escape Arbogast 4:19, 8-4...takedown Prevost 4:38, 10-4...Third Period:escape Prevost 5:19, 11-4...riding time Prevost 11-4

Prevost wins by major decision 11-4

UW 19, PSU 6

174 Pounds: Trevor Murray (UW) vs. Quinn Collett (PSU)First Period: takedown Collett :27, 2-0...escape Murray 2:12, 2-1...SecondPeriod: takedown Murray 3:41, 3-2...reversal Collett 4:43, 4-3...Third Period:takedown Collett 5:57...reversal Murray 6:37, 5-6

Collet wins 6-5

UW 19, PSU 9

184 Pounds: Sam Wendland (UW) wins by forfeit

UW 25, PSU 9

197 Pounds: Kevin Kessner (UW) vs. Randy Davidson (PSU)First Period: takedown Kessner :52, 2-0...escape Davidson 1:21, 2-1...takedownKessner 2:12, 4-1...escape Davidson 2:19, 4-2...takedown Kessner 2:46,6-2...Second Period: escape Kessner 3:02, 7-2...takedown Kessner 4:05...9-2...escapeDavidson 4:16, 9-3...Third Period: escape Davidson 5:09...takedown Kessner 5:37, 11-4...escape Davison 5:45...takedown Kessner 6:35, 13-5...riding time Kessner

Kessner wins 14-5 major decision

UW 29-9

Heavyweight: Brad Steele vs. Antonio Criado (PSU)

Stelle wins by pin, 2:20

Final Score

UW 35, PSU 9