UW Wrestlers Win Final Home Dual Of Season

Feb. 18, 2000


With the dual tied at 18, Wyomingsenior Brian Wood won the last match of the night over Scott Frohardt ofAir Force 9-3, giving the Cowboys a 21-18 victory over the Falcons.

In a match between two former Western Athletic Conference champions, in1999 Wood was the WAC champion at 165 pounds and Frohardt was thechampion at 149, the senior for the Pokes took control in the thirdperiod for the huge win. The match was tied at 2-2 entering the thirdperiod, but Wood outscored Frohardt 7-1 in the third with a reversal,near-fall and a takedown.

"That was especially sweet to me," said Steven Suder, Wyoming headcoach. "We've seen Brian make so much progress in his career here. Helaid it all and line and did what he needed to do. I'm sure it's asweet victory for him as well."

At first it appeared that Wyoming would run away with the victory, asthe Pokes built a 12-3 lead after four matches. But with four wins inthe next five matches, Air Force tied the dual at 18, before Wood tookover.

It was senior night in Laramie and senior Jeremy Sell got it off to agood start with a 3-2 victory over Alex Pelbath at 165 pounds. Thenfellow senior Brandon Dansie was defeated by Terry Parham 8-3 in the 174pound weight class, to tie the dual at three.

Wyoming freshman Dave Schenk (184) pinned Sam Sheretz at 3:56, givingWyoming a 9-3 lead. Schenk and Sheretz were tied up at three beforeSchenk was able to finish the match off.

At 197 pounds, Craig Rumsey of Wyoming won a tough match over Kevin Hoy3-2. Rumsey had a takedown with :37 seconds left to give himself a 3-1lead, and was able to hold on for the victory.

In the next two matches, Air Force senior Philip Johnston pinned Cowboyfreshman Brad Steele at 5:56 and then Wyoming's Cisco Gonzales (125)pinned Wes Bennett at 5:54. At that point the Pokes held a 18-9 lead.

There was a surprise at 133, where Wyoming senior Corey Hamrick, ranked#13 in the country, was defeated by Andrew Peters 8-1. Air Force wontwo one-point matches at 141 and 149 to tie the dual at 18. But Woodwas able to win his 157 pound match and give the Cowboys a big dualvictory over a Mountain West Conference rival.

"I didn't have any idea how it was going to shake down," said Suder."We could have blanked them, they could have blanked us, or it couldhave ended up just like it did. I honestly didn't know what to think.I thought our guys looked a little tired, but they'll get a lot moretired before this is over with.

"Corey has been sick all week and we held him out of practice, and Ithink it kind of caught up with him. But these were some criticalmatches. I feel fine about some of the tiredness and sluggishness thatI saw out there, because I know why that is the case."

Complete dual results:  165 - Jeremy Sell (WYO) defeated Alex Pelbath (AFA) 3-2  174 - Terry Parham (AFA) defeated Brandon Dansie (WYO) 8-3  184 - Dave Schenk (WYO) pinned Sam Sheretz (AFA) at 3:56  197 - Craig Rumsey (WYO) defeated Kevin Hoy (AFA) 3-2  HWT - Philip Johnston (AFA) pinned Brad Steele (WYO) at 5:56  125 - Cisco Gonzales (WYO) pinned Wes Bennett (AFA) at 5:54  133 - Andrew Peters (AFA) defeated #13 Corey Hamrick (WYO) 8-1  141 - Ryan Montanez (AFA) defeated Shay Wyman (WYO) 6-5  149 - Patrick Brady-Lee (AFA) defeated Mark Hamrick (WYO) 4-3 in OT  157 - Brian Wood (WYO) defeated Scott Frohardt (AFA) 9-3

The next action for the Cowboys will be March 4 when they compete inthe Western Regional, held in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The NCAA qualifyingtournament will be hosted by Northern Iowa University.

Wyoming WrestlingAir Force vs WyomingFebruary 18, 2000Laramie, Wyoming

165 Pounds - Alex Pelbath (AFA) vs Jeremy Sell (WYO)First Period - no scoringSecond Period - escape Sell 3:17, 1-0...double stalling 4:40, 2-1...Third Period - escape Pelbath 5:12, 2-2...stalling Pelbath 5:53, 3-2...Sell wins 3-2Air Force 0 Wyoming 3

174 Pounds - Terry Parham (AFA) vs Brandon Dansie (WYO)First Period - takedown Parham :56, 0-2...reversal Dansie 1:20,2-2...escape Parham 2:38, 2-3...takedown Parham 2:44, 2-5...Second Period - escape Dansie 3:52, 3-5...Third Period - escape Parham 6:05, 3-6...takedown Parham 6:29, 3-8...Parham wins 8-3Air Force 3 Wyoming 3

184 Pounds - Sam Sheretz (AFA) vs Dave Schenk (WYO)First Period - takedown Sheretz 1:08, 0-2...reversal Schenk 1:43,2-2...escape Sheretz 2:06, 2-3...Second Period - escape Schenk 3:47, 3-3...pin by Schenk 3:56Schenk wins by fall at 3:56Air Force 3 Wyoming 9

197 Pounds - Kevin Hoy (AFA) vs Criag Rumsey (WYO)First Period - no scoringSecond Period - escape Hoy 3:08, 0-1...Third Period - escape Rumsey 5:44, 1-1...takedown Rumsey 6:23,3-1...escape Hoy 6:57, 3-2...Rumsey wins 3-2Air Force 3 Wyoming 12

Heavyweight - Philip Johnston (AFA) vs Brad Steele (WYO)First Period - takedown Johnston 1:55, 0-2...reversal Steele 2:09,2-2...escape Johnston 2:27, 2-3...Second Period - escape Steele 3:39, 3-3...Third Period - reversal Johnston 5:33, 3-5...pin by Johnston 5:56Johnston wins by fall at 5:56Air Force 9 Wyoming 12

125 Pounds - Wes Bennett (AFA) vs Cisco Gonzales (WYO)First Period - takedown Bennett :43, 0-2...escape Gonzales 1:00,1-2...takedown Gonzales 1:54, 3-2...escapeBennett 2:12, 3-3...takedownGonzales 2:34, 5-3...near-fall Gonzales 2:53, 8-3...Second Period - near-fall Gonzales 3:28, 10-3...Third Period - reversal Gonzales 5:40, 12-3...pin by Gonzales 5:54Gonzales wins by fall at 5:54Air Force 9 Wyoming 18

133 Pounds - Andrew Peters (AFA) vs #13 Corey Hamrick (WYO)First Period - no scoringSecond Period - escape Peters 3:50, 0-1...takedown Peters 4:58,0-3...near-fall Peters 4:59, 0-6...Third Period - escape Hamrick 5:21, 1-6...takedown Peters 6:50, 1-8...Peters wins 8-1Air Force 12 Wyoming 18

141 Pounds - Ryan Montanez (AFA) vs Shay Wyman (WYO)First Period - no scoringSecond Period - escape Montanez 3:21, 0-1...takedown Montanez 4:03,0-3...escape Wyman 5:20, 1-3...takedown Wyman 5:31,3-3...escape Montanez 5:27, 3-4...Third Period - escape Wyman 5:02, 4-4...takedown Montanez 5:41,4-6...escape Wyman 6:00, 5-6...Montanez wins 6-5Air Force 15 Wyoming 18

149 Pounds - Patrick Brady-Lee (AFA) vs Mark Hamrick (WYO)First Period - no scoringSecond Period - escape Hamrick 3:01, 1-0...takedown Brady-Lee 3:48,1-2...escape Hamrick 3:57, 2-2...technical violationBrady-Lee 4:42, 3-2...Third Period - escape Brady-Lee 5:46, 3-3...Overtime - takedown Brady-Lee 7:33Brady-Lee wins 4-3 in OTAir Force 18 Wyoming 18

157 Pounds - Scott Frohardt (AFA) vs Brian Wood (WYO)First Period - no scoringSecond Period - escape Frohardt 3:11, 0-1...takedown Wood 4:10, 2-1...escape Frohardt 4:18, 2-2...Third Period - reversal Wood 5:20, 4-2...near-fallWood 5:35, 7-2...escape Frohardt 5:57, 7-3...takedown Wood 6:55, 9-3...Wood wins 9-3Air Force 18 Wyoming 21

Wyoming wins 21-18Wyoming is now 8-8, Air Force is 7-5

Attendance 405