Wyoming Wrestling Team Completes Annual Brown and Gold Intrasquad Matches

Nov. 2, 2007


The University of Wyoming wrestling team opened the 2007-08 season with the traditional "Brown and Gold" intrasquad matches Friday night in the UniWyo Sports Complex. The night included 21 matches to help determine starting spots for Wyoming's upcoming home dual against Nebraska.

"Tonight was the first step in determining our starting ten guys," UW head coach Steven Suder said. "This is always a tough night for our guys because it is their first time this season they have had to make weight and wrestle. They have been competing against each other for almost two months now, they know each other's moves and there is a lot of pressure on them. But we saw a lot of good things tonight."

This year's intrasquad utilized two mats with which Suder and his staff could evaluate their team. This enabled the Cowboys to each wrestle two matches to try and earn a spot. After another week of practice, the Pokes will be ready to face national powerhouse Nebraska.

"I am happy with a lot of the things I saw tonight," Suder continued. "There are things you don't see in the practice room that you see when the guys wrestle under the lights that need to be addressed. I am really encouraged by the fact that no one is taking a backseat; every guy is competing for a starting spot and really working hard. I am excited to get our guys against another team and see what we can do."

Wyoming will open up their home dual season Friday, November 9th, as they take on the Huskers from Nebraska. The match will begin at 6 p.m. in the UniWyo Sports Complex.


Mat 1
174 - Kyle Morrow def. Alex Rieder by decision, 7-3
133 - Cory VomBaur def. Brandon Gifford by decision, 8-1
149 - Cody Chipperfield def. Clay Sondgeroth by decision, 6-3
165 - Eric Coxbill def. Dane Fuhrman by decision, 8-2
125 - Matt Lowry def. Cody Grant by decision, 2-1
174 - Dan Barrone def. Alex Rieder by decision, 6-4
141 - Cole Dallaserra def. Chase Smith by decision, 4-2
133 - Brandon Gifford def. Garrett Desmond by decision, 3-1
149 - Carter Downing def. Cody Chipperfield by decision, 11-2
165 - Eric Coxbill def. Shane Onufer by decision, 2-1
174 - Kyle Morrow def. Dan Barrone by decision, 4-3

Mat 2
141 - Chase Smith def. Dustin Knapp by decision, 5-0
133 - Garrett Desmond def. Tim Baumel by decision, 12-7
149 - Carter Downing def. Tyler Davis by decision, 8-0
165 - Joe LeBlanc def. Micah Kadera by decision, 13-3
165 - Shane Onufer def. Justin Grosse by decision, 6-0
184 - Colt Reece def. Joe O'Farrell by decision, 4-2
133 - Cory VomBaur def. Tim Baumel by decision, 12-4
149 - Tyler Davis def. Clay Sondgeroth by decision, 8-1
165 - Dane Fuhrman def. Joe LeBlanc by decision, 4-2
165 - Justin Grosse def. Micah Kadera by decision, 4-2