Wyoming Wrestling Team Holds Annual Intrasquad Tournament

Nov. 3, 2000


The University of Wyomingwrestling team kicked off its season Friday at the annual IntrasquadTournament in War Memorial Fieldhouse.

There were a total of 25 matches, giving the Cowboys their first liveaction of the season. This was the first step as the coaching staffattempts to find the top wrestlers in each weight class.

The Cowboys received strong performances from senior Steven Schenk,junior Mark Hamrick and sophomore Brad Steele. Each wrestler went 2-0on the night. Schenk was especially impressive at 174 pounds, winninghis matches 17-1 and 19-2. Hamrick, wrestling at 149, won 14-3 and5-1. Steele defeated fellow heavyweight Brady Neilson twice, once byfall at :42 and again 18-7.

"There weren't any real surprises," said Wyoming head coach StevenSuder. "Other than some pleasant ones. Overall I was real pleased withwhat I saw. The great thing about this is that we'll be able toidentify things we need to work on that we couldn't identify inpractice. This was a very valuable time for us. It was nice to get theguys out there and wrestle in front of people, in this kind ofatmosphere."

The Cowboys will be back in action on Nov. 12 when they host the CowboyOpen in Laramie. The Cowboy Open will take place in War MemorialFieldhouse and will begin at 10:00 a.m.


J.W. Lazzari (133) defeated Reynold Candelaria (125) 14-3Del Jimenez (133) defeated Cody DeGroot (133) 8-5Chad Plummer (141) defeated Paul Turco (141) 3-1Thad Trujillo (141) defeated Riley Hughes (141) 7-0Ben Platt (149) defeated Josh Hayek (149) 11-6Mark Hamrick (149) defeated Jason Waneka (149) 14-3Ben Platt (149) defeated Josh Hayek (149) 11-6Levi Prevost (157) defeated Justin Christenson (157) 5-1Steven Schenk (174) defeated Justin Salas (165) 17-1J.W. Lazzari (125) defeated Del Jimenez (133) 3-2Kevin Kessner (184) defeated Brady Neilson (HWT) 9-6Paul Turco (141) defeated Riley Hughes (141) by fall 5:32Reynold Candelaria (125) defeated John Faczak (125) 10-2Ben Platt (149) defeated Cory Brown (149) 7-6Brad Steele (HWT) defeated Brady Neilson (HWT) by fall :42Cody DeGroot (133) defeated J.W. Lazzari (133) 8-2Mark Hamrick (149) defeated Josh Hayek (149) 5-1Justin Salas (165) defeated Justin Christenson (157) 4-3Del Jimenez (133) defeated John Faczak (125) 2-1Thad Trujillo (141) defeated Paul Turco (141) 3-2Jason Waneka (149) defeated Ben Platt (149) 7-4Josh Hayek (149) defeated Cory Brown (149) 7-6Chad Plummer (141) defeated Riley Hughes (141) 3-1Steven Schenk (174) defeated Levi Prevost (157) 19-2Brad Steele (HWT) defeated Brady Neilson (HWT) 18-7