Cowboy Wrestlers Fall to #13 Ranked Boise State, 20-12

Nov. 15, 2002


In their first home dual of theseason the University of Wyoming wrestling team lost to the 13th rankedBoise State Broncos 20-12 Friday night at the Multipurpose Gym in Laramie.The Broncos picked up victories in six of the ten matches with two beingmajor decisions.

Senior heavyweight Brad Steele gave the Cowboys an early 3-0 lead afterdefeating Boise State's Jacob McGinnis 8-2. Steele scored early with atakedown and a nearfall in the first period.

The Broncos tied the score in the second match of the night when BenVomBaur, ranked #3 in the nation at 125 pounds, defeated freshman BryceLeonhardt. Leonhardt, in his first match of his college career, kept thematch close and took the match to a 6-1 score. Boise State took the lead forgood in the next match at 133 pounds when Jesse Brock beat freshman TysonShatto 9-4. The Broncos would win the next two matches in the 141 and 149pound weight classes; Gabe Vigil defeating junior Blake Gunter and CollinRobertson defeating senior Thad Trujillo, making the score 14-3 in favor ofthe Broncos .

Cowboy junior Andrew Shuler cut the Boise State lead to 14-6 with anexciting win in the 157 pound weight class. With the score tied, Shulerrecorded his third takedown of the match with five seconds remaining in thethird period to clinch a 6-4 victory over Russell Brunson. At 165 poundsjunior Levi Prevost handled Bronco Nathan Ploehn 7-2, cutting the BoiseState lead to 14-9. The Broncos would respond by winning the next twomatches. Cowboy sophomore Justin Salas fell to Pat Owens 7-3 in the 174pound match, and freshman Sam Wendland battled Boise State's Tony D'Amico,ranked #17 in the nation at 184 pounds, to the very end as D'Amico scoredthe winning points on a takedown with 15 seconds remaining in the match topull out a 6-4 win and increase the Bronco lead 20-9 over the Cowboys.

UW would win the final match of the night in the 197 pound weight class asCowboy junior Kevin Kessner edged Casey Phelps 3-2. Kessner's win came toolate and the Broncos prevailed 20-12.

"I think we won the matches we thought we were supposed to, but thepositive thing is that everybody else battled really hard," said Wyominghead wrestling coach Steven Suder following the dual. "Bryce Leonhardt, SamWendland and Tyson Shatto all wrestled in their first matches of theircollege career and fought hard against some very good competition. I thinkthere is light at the end of the tunnel, we just got beat by a better team,a better team than we are right now."

The Cowboys are back in action on Sunday, Nov. 17, when they host the 30thAnnual Cowboy Open at the War Memorial Fieldhouse, matches start at 10 a.m.

#13 Boise State University Broncosvs. University of Wyoming CowboysNovember 15, 2002MultiPurpose Gym, Laramie, Wyo.

Heavyweight- Jacob McGinnis (BSU) vs. Brad Steele (UW)First Period- takedown Steele :41, 3-0...nearfall Steele 1:00, 5-0...warningstalling McGinnis 1:34...Second Period- warning stalling Steele 5:00...ThirdPeriod- takedown McGinnis 5:58, 5-2...escape Stelle 6:04, 6-2...takedownSteele 8-2, 6:40.Steele wins 8-2UW 3, BSU 0

125 Pounds- Ben VomBaur (BSU) vs. Bryce Leonhardt (UW)First Period- takedown VomBaur 2:22, 2-0...escape Leonhardt 2:42,2-1...Second Period- caution false start VomBaur 3:00...caution false startVomBaur 3:15...escape VomBaur 4:02, 3-1...takedown VomBaur 4:23, 5-1...ThirdPeriod- riding time VomBaur, 6-1VomBaur wins 6-1UW 3, BSU 3

133 Pounds- Jesse Brock (BSU) vs. Tyson Shatto (UW)First Period- warning stalling Brock 2:47...Second Period- escape Brock3:11, 1-0...takedown Brock 4:14, 3-0...escape Shatto 4:25, 3-1...takedownBrock 4:44, 5-1...Third Period- escape Shatto 5:04, 5-2...takedown Brock5:38, 7-2...escape Shatto 5:45, 7-3...takedown Brock 6:20, 9-3... escapeShatto 6:39, 9-4Brock wins 9-4BSU 6, UW 3

141 Pounds- Gabe Vigil (BSU) vs. Blake Gunter (UW)First Period- takedown Vigil :38, 2-0...escape Gunter 1:02, 2-1...takedownVigil 2:37, 4-1...escape Gunter 2:49, 4-2...Second Period- takedown Vigil3:26, 6-2...escape Gunter 3:53, 6-3...takedown Vigil 4:07, 8-3...escapeGunter 4:27, 8-4...takedown Vigil 4:59, 10-4...Third Period- reversal Virgil5:19, 12-4...reversal Gunter 5:43, 12-6...escape Vigil 5:49, 13-6...takedownVigil 6:47, 15-6...riding time VigilVigil wins 16-6, major decisionBSU 10, UW 3

149 Pounds- Collin Robertson (BSU) vs. Thad Trujillo (UW)First Period- takedown Robertson 2:29, 2-0...Second Period- escape Trujillo4:11, 2-1...takedown Robertson 4:15, 4-1...escape Trujillo 4:29,4-2...takedown Vigil 4:35, 6-2...escape Trujillo 4:44, 6-3...takedownRobertson 4:45, 8-3...Third Period- takedown Robertson 5:42, 10-3...nearfallRobertson 6:40, 13-3...riding time Robertson, 14-3Robertson wins 14-3, major decisionBSU 14, UW 3

157 Pounds- Russell Brunson (BSU) vs. Andrew Shuler (UW)First Period- takedown Shuler 1:09, 2-0...escape Brunson 1:37,2-1...takedown Shuler 2:33, 4-1 Second Period- escape Brunson 3:06,4-2...takedown Brunson 4:12, 4-4...warning stalling Shuler 4:56...ThirdPeriod- takedown Shuler 6:55, 6-4...Shuler wins 6-4BSU 14, UW 6

165 Pounds- Nathan Ploehn (BSU) vs. Levi Prevost (UW)First Period- takedown Prevost 2:56, 2-0...Second Period- escape Prevost3:27, 3-0...Third Period- escape Ploehn 5:32, 3-1...takedown Prevost 5:55,5-1...escape Ploehn 6:12, 5-2...takedown Prevost 6:53, 7-2...Prevost wins 7-2BSU 14, UW 9

174 Pounds- Pat Owens (BSU) vs. Justin Salas (UW)First Period- takedown Owens 2:57, 2-0...Second Period- escape Salas 3:04,2-1...takedown Owens 3:50, 4-1...escape Salas 4:33, 4-2...Third Period-escape Owens 5:02, 5-2...takedown Owens 6:27, 7-2...escape Salas...escapeSalas 6:39, 7-3Owens wins 7-3BSU 17, UW 9

184 Pounds- Tony D'Amico (BSU) vs. Sam Wendland (UW)First Period- no scoringSecond Period- escape Wendland 3:05, 1-0...takedown Wendland 3:17,3-0...penalty point-locked hands D'Amico 3:37, 4-0...escape D'Amico 3:47,4-1...Third Period- escape D'Amico 5:31, 4-2...takedown D'Amico 6:11,4-4...escape Wendland 6:21, 5-4....takedown D'Amico 6:43, 6-5...D'Amico wins 6-5BSU 20, UW 9

197 Pounds- Casey Phelps (BSU) vs. Kevin Kessner (UW)First Period- takedown Kessner :37, 2-0...escape Phelps 1:07, 2-1...SecondPeriod- escape Phelps 3:38, 2-2...warning stalling Phelps 4:08...ThirdPeriod- stalling warning Kessner 6:17...riding time Kessner, 3-2Kessner wins 3-2BSU 20, UW 12

Final ScoreBoise State20Wyoming12

Attendance - 460