Cowboy Wrestlers Edged by Cal-Davis 19-18

Nov. 26, 2002


In their second dual of the seasonthe University of Wyoming wrestling team was defeated by the Aggies ofCalifornia Davis in an exciting 19-18 dual. The Cowboys won six of the tenmatches, but the Aggies recorded victories by pin, major decision andforfeit to pull away with the win.

Cal-Davis jumped out to an early lead when Nick Davis defeated UW seniorThad Trujillo 18-9, a major decision, in the first match of the night. TheAggies would take a 10-0 lead over the Cowboys when Jeremiah Jarvis of theAggies pinned Cowboy junior Andrew Shuler in the 157 pound match.

UW junior Levi Prevost put the Pokes on the scoreboard by dominatingMicheal Font in the 165 pound match, winning 11-5 and narrowing the teamscores to 10-3. Sophomore Justin Salas would follow Prevost's victory withone of his own, defeating Dan Schon in 174 pounds. Salas recorded twotakedowns in the second period and a reversal in the third period to pullout a 9-6 win.

In the 184 pound match up Cal-Davis' Ronnie Silva edged out UW freshman SamWendland 10-6, and added to the Aggies lead, 13-6. The Pokes bounced back bywinning the next three matches. Junior Kevin Kessner took a 5-0 lead afterthe first period of his 197 match against Michael Clarkston and never lookedback winning 10-5. Cowboy heavyweight Brad Steele followed suit by recordingan escape with only 2 seconds left in the match to claim a 6-5 win overJason Paul of the Aggies. Steele's win made the team scores 13-12 in favorof the Aggies.

The Cowboys took their only lead of the night when freshman Bryce Leonhardtbeat Aggie Tommy Schurkamp into sudden-death overtime. The two 125 pounderswere all knotted up at 3 apiece until Leonhardt scored two points on atakedown thirty seconds into the overtime to earn a 5-3 victory.

The Aggies took the lead for good by a forfeit from the Pokes in the 133pound match. UW junior Blake Gunter would narrow the defeat by winning hismatch at 141 pounds, 2-0. Gunter's win made the final score 19-18 in favorof California-Davis.

The Pokes are now 0-2 on the season and will head to Las Vegas, Nev. onDec. 6 for the Las Vegas Invitational. The next home dual for the Cowboyswill be on Dec. 14th, when they host the Fresno State Bulldogs at 5 p.m. inthe Multipurpose Gym.

University of California-Davis AggiesvsUniversity of Wyoming CowboysNovember 26, 2002  MPG, Laramie, Wyoming

149 Pounds- Nick Davis (UCD) vs. Thad Trujillo (UW)First Period- takedown Davis :49, 2-0...escape Trujillo :58, 2-1...takedown Trujillo 1:58,3-2...escape Davis 2:10, 3-3...Second Period- escape Davis 3:10, 4-3...takedown Davis 3:15,6-3...escape Trujillo 3:38, 6-4...takedown Trujillo 4:41, 6-6...reversal Davis 4:50,8-6...takedown Trujillo 4:51, 8-7...Third Period- escape Trujillo, 8-8...takedown Davis,10-8...nearfall Davis, 13-8...escape Trujillo, 13-9...takedown Davis,15-9...nearfall Davis, 18-9Davis wins 18-9UCD 4, UW 0

157 Pounds- Jeremiah Jarvis (UCD) vs. Andrew Shuler (UW)First Period-takedown Shuler 2:13, 2-0...illegal hold Shuler 2:18, 2-1...escape Jarvis 2:25,2-2...Second Period-escape Jarvis 3:13, 3-2...takedown Shuler 4:15, 4-3...reversal Jarvis 4:41,6-3...fall Jarvis 4:52Jarvis wins by fallUCD 10, UW 0

165 Pounds- Michael Font (UCD) vs. Levi Prevost (UW)First Period- takedown Prevost 2:10, 2-0...escape Font 2:26, 2-1...takedown Prevost 2:59,4-1...Second Period- escape Prevost 3:42, 5-1...warning stalling Font 2:17...Third Period-escape Font 5:15, 5-2...takedown Prevost 5:39, 7-2...escape Font 5:45, 7-3...takedownPrevost 6:11, 9-3...escape Font 6:21, 9-4...takedown Prevost 6:47, 11-4...escape Font 6:50,11-5Prevost wins 11-5UCD 10, UW 3

174 Pounds- Dan Schon (UCD) vs. Justin Salas (UW)First Period-takedown Schon 2:58, 2-0...Second Period-escape Schon 3:12, 3-0...takedownSalas 3:32, 3-2...nearfall 3:55, 5-3...escape Schon 4:15, 5-4...takedown Salas 4:53,7-4...Third Period- takedown Schon 5:36, 7-6...reversal Salas 6:40, 9-6...Salas wins 9-6UCD 10, UW 6

184 Pounds- Ronnie Silva (UCD) vs. Sam Wendland (UW)First Period-takedown Wendland 1:00, 2-0...escape Silva 2:05, 2-1...takedown Silva 1:30,3-2...Second Period- escape Wendland 3:27, 3-3...takedown Wendland 3:32, 5-3...escape Silva3:38, 5-4...takedown Silva 3:48, 6-5...Third Period- escape Silva 5:35, 7-5...takedown Silva6:14, 9-5...escape Wendland 6:41, 9-6...riding time Silva 10-6Silva wins 10-6UCD 13, UW 6

197 Pounds- Michael Clarkston (UCD) vs. Kevin Kessner (UW)First Period-takedown Kessner :46, 2-0...Second Period- escape Kessner 3:04,3-0...takedown Kessner 4:00, 5-0...reversal Clarkston 4:50, 5-2...Third Period- cautionstalling Kessner 5:33...escape Clarkston 5:36, 5-3...takedown Kessner 5:44, 7-3...escapeClarkston 5:50, 7-4...takedown Kesnner 6:18, 9-4...escape Clarkston 6:30, 9-5...ridingtime Kessner 10-5Kessner wins 10-5UCD 13, UW 9

Heavyweight- Jason Paul (UCD) vs. Brad Steele (UW)First Period-takedown Steele 2:26, 2-0...Second Period- escape Steele 3:16,3-0...warning stalling Steele 3:45...takedown Paul 4:20, 3-2...Third Period-escape Paul 5:29, 3-3...takedown Steele 6:13, 5-3...reversal Paul 6:43,5-5...escape Steele 6:58, 6-5Steele wins 6-5UCD 13, UW 12

125 Pounds- Tommy Schurkamp (UCD) vs. Bryce Leonhardt (UW)First Period- flee called on Leonhardt :32, 1-0...takedown Leonhardt 1:34,2-1...escape Shurkamp 1:41, 2-2...Second Period- escape Schurkamp 3:04,3-2...warning stalling Schurkamp 4:05...Third Period- escape Leonhardt 5:16,3-3...Sudden Victory-takedown Leonhardt 7:33, 5-3Leonhardt wins 5-3UW 15, UCD 14

133 Pounds- Urijah Faber (UCD) vs OpenForfeit WYOUCD 19, UW 15

141 Pounds- Chris Brines (UCD) vs. Blake Gunter (UW)First Period-....Second Period- ...Third Period- second stalling call onBrines 6:26, 1-0...rinding time GunterGunter wins 2-0UCD 19, UW 18