Student-Athlete of the Week

Jan. 23, 2012

Laramie, Wyo. -

Athlete of the Week

Alfonso Hernandez

What other sports did you play throughout your childhood and high school years?
I played soccer, football, basketball, track, and ran a couple of cross country meets.

When and why did you choose wrestling?
I started wrestling in high school. I only did it in order to compliment my football, but fell in love with the sport.

How does your family support you?
Stephanie, my wife is the glue that keeps everything together. She takes care of the outside issues like bills.

What is a typical day of practice for you?
Get in the right mindset as soon as I step into the room. Warm up, drill, wrestle, and conditioning.

How do you balance school and wrestling?
Wrestling is already set in the day, so school is worked around it. I always try and finish my school work before competitions. If I procrastinate, my life gets a lot more difficult.

What do you want to do with a Kinesiology and Health Promotion degree?
I plan on applying to medical school in the summer.

What changed from high school to college wrestling?
The biggest thing is attitude. If a high school wrestler wants to become a college wrestler they have to be mentally tough. There are many wrestlers that make the transition and end up quitting mostly because they didn't have what it takes.

What are some daily pressures you deal with every day?
School, work and wrestling.

What are your goals for the rest of this season?
Become a national champion.

What do you wish to accomplish before you graduate from UW?
Leave my footprint within the UW wrestling program.

Why did you redshirt the 2010-2011 year? What advantages do you feel like you gained from this decision?
I had back surgery. During this time out, I felt that I gained valuable insight just by watching practices and competitions. It was a huge learning year for me.

What is your most memorable collegiate meet?
It would probably have to be either the Las Vegas Invitational or Oklahoma State dual, where I had a break through giving me the confidence that I can not only hang with the top wrestlers in the country, but beat them.

How do you prepare for each meet?
I get in the proper mindset and focus on imposing my will on my opponent.

What qualities will you take away from the program?
It has molded me into who I am and will continue to make me a stronger person. It has taught me discipline and most importantly never to concede to life struggles, keeping my head up and pushing through it.